Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Errand running in cute flats with no socks, despite the snow ;)

I heart these shoes. I heart ballet flats and slingbacks, actually.  And flipflops.

trouser pants: ATL, ruffly tank: target, white tank: costco, cardi: target, necklaces: cookie lee, bracelet: tiffany, flats: target, wrinkles & frown lines: all my own

volunteering in the school library, dinner and game night w/ the kids at another family's house

skinny jeans, shirt, and sweater: F21, tank: costco, boots: target, necklace: payless shoe store. crooked-ass smile: all my own

We hosted our Dinner Club: tapas theme. Yum!
Dress: Kensie Pretty, from an awesome consignment store in Salem, MA, leggings: target, necklace: charlotte russe, flats: kohl's

Sunday I stayed in my PJs all day. No lyin'.

Monday the kids had off school for Dr. Martin Luther King Day. We went sledding, so no one saw my clothes, since I had on snowpants and whatnot.
shirt: from a race I ran back in October 2006, sweatpants: Wisconsin Badger sweats. Yeah!  Imma be stylin, man!

Costco/Kohls/Michaels errand run
pants: the limited, local consignment boutique (high waisted! eek!), button down: target, cardi: Gap (from eons ago. literally.) necklace: cookie lee

After the gym (since I don't think anyone wants to see my non-hip gym wear), the hubs and I went to pick out some new Rx sunglasses for him and then went on a lunch date. I would have gussied up some more, but I was too darn cold. And now we're off to piano.
yellow tank: target, blue tank: walmart, striped cardi: F21, skinny jeans: kohls, boots: target, scarf: consignment, flower pin: me

I am, once again, linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW! 
So what did you wear this week?

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They call me aggie said...

Too funny... again, I see that we have some of the same things in our wardrobe.
I will def have to check out all your outfits to see if that continues. Those boots from Target are about the best things that ever happened to me. I scored mine for 30 bones on clearance and love them more every day!

Jenbug said...

You have the coolest outfits!! I love your red dress, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh a fellow Target-aholic!

heather said...

Yep, clearly Wednesday is my ugly clothes day! I have to do something about that so I can look at your cute outfits every week without feeling badly about myself!

Karri said...

Heather - I looked at others WIWW for 6-8 months before I decided to participate so I am forced not to wear my sweats all day. That's still what I wear when I don't leave the house :)

Paige said...

you are a rockin' mom! love your outfits! Especially game night!

Bobbie said...

I am totally going to copy

MommyMeagan said...

Such a cute style. LOVE your flats and that super cute gray sweater. Just fabulous! Thanks for the camera compliment. ;)