Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Another week of ladies in blogville, gathering inspiration from each other, to will themselves to put effort into it.  Or ladies sharing their fabulousness. Whatever floats your boat. Its the brainchild of the cute and wonderfully talented Lindsey of the Pleated Poppy.

the pleated poppy blog
I am Karri. And I need all the inspiration and help I can get, yo.
So here I am, with 3 measley photos this week. Several reasons.
1- Some outfits simply not worth sharing. Seriously.
2- Simply forgot to take a photo. Oopsie daisy.
3- Whilst in Chicago this weekend, I think I was behind the camera the entire time. And when I wasn't, my husband had the P&S. And he's not especially known for his photos (sorry honey. I super duper extra do love you. but "look at me! say cheese!" doesn't count.)

Conference night at school. Not for me, but for the teachers. So I (along w/ another mom) made dinner for all the staff.  I look foolish, but I am trying to show my cute red shoes w/ the bow on them.
I am still unsure about the belt. Especially with this combo.
pants-Max Studio :: sweater, belt and flats- Target

What? Spring? You don't say! Blow me awayyyyyy! Also? My 5 year old hot water heater is being cranky again, so no shower. Holla!
I was so thrilled to be able to wear my cute new jacket I scored at Nordstrom Rack while in Chicago this weekend. We don't have a Rack here, but I read we're getting one. I am psyched.
jeans- Kohls :: boots & shirt- Target :: scarf- consignment :: new spring jacket- Nordstrom Rack :: earrings - Three Graces Boutique (which is now, sadly closed)
Nothing photo worthy. But I had a conversation last night w/ friends and it inspired me to attempt to put some wave into my hair.  Ha ha. It lasted maybe, oh, 2 hrs max.  And that was because I was inside.

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Hahaha...I love your enthusiasm!:) We have yet to have some "spring" weather here in NY but tomorrow will be a taste of it...its supposed to get into the 50's. WOOHOO!

Trish said...

Love the cute red shoes and you are much braver than me - I need socks on my feet, still! LOL!

Love the waves, too bad they didn't last. I totally have the same hair, so I get it :(

{april kennedy} said...

Cute, cute pictures Karri! Love the second outfit and pose. ;)

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

You are always cute, Karri. I LOVE the red shoes and you can totally get away with the belt. Want some of my waves, er curls? ;) You can have 'em!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the second outfit & your pose in it as well! Thanks for stopping by my WIWW post last week!