Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Another week gone by. Not much blogging by me.  I've been trying to stay off the computer because I've had so much neck pain and some shoulder pain. Turns out that its a herniated disc. Lovely. Aging sucks.  So that's the reason for the many ponytails this week.  That, and the rainy weather we've had.

top{H&M}, leggings & boots{Target}, necklace{Superhero Designs}

Friday night in the 'hood! Several of the neighbors went to the n'hood bar for Macho Nachos!
the "J" word pants, boots, dress {Target}, gigantor earrings{F21}

Easter Saturday with my side of the family!
dress{H&M}, leggings{Kohls}, cute shoes that aren't shown{Target}, necklace{Payless Shoe Store}

Easter Sunday...on the way to the in-laws
tunic{H&M}, skinnies{F21}, ballet flats{Walmart}, necklaces{Cookie Lee}
I loved this shirt in the store, but it kinda makes me look pregnant. Hrmm.

Ahh. Monday.
dress, leggings{Target}, flats{Kohls}, necklace{Love Stitched}

I am linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy and Nina from Momma Go Round for their weekly series!

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Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

You look BEYOND adorable in that yellow dress and grey leggings! SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! (did I use too many O's, maybe, but it's true). I'm linking up to this post in my leggings adventure post going up soon!

Karri said...

Aw, thanks so much, Nina!!! I was so unsure about the hue of the yellow, but I ended up loving it as the day went on.

mstalcup said...

I'm visiting from Momma Go Round - :)
I LOVE the yellow and white dress with the grey leggings. OMG - you look so cute! Love all your outfits!

melody-mae said...

the yellow outfit with the grey leggings is my absolute fav this week. Just adorable for sure!

Four Flights said...

LOVE that striped dress and the leggings! did you get the dress recently? I might have to make a trip to H&M if so :) Please stop by my blog too if you get a chance, I blog my outfits too! Thanks :)

Ruby Girl said...

lovely outfits! i'm diggin your feminine style. your family seems just wonderful! <3