Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Real Momma, Real Style

One lousy photo.
That's what I've got because I went away from Thurs-Sunday and did not take any photos of my outfits. Not that they were anything to photograph, anyway. 
And on Monday I was just too busy to get the camera out of my bag and set it up! Our May schedule started off with a bang and if I make it through the month, it will be a miracle!!!
(and this is before I added some more events)

Anyway, this isn't so much a fashion photo as it is my new bling!!!
Awhile back, I won a gift certificate to Bonhomie Jewels, courtesy of the lovely and talented April of Funky Vintage Lovely.  
I chose to cash in my GC towards this sweetheart necklace. Isn't it divine?! (taken in the mirror, so that's a K+C)  Kirstie is talented. Y'all should go check her stuff out.  She has designed several pieces for Alicia Keys!!!

This tunic is from Target. When they first had it, I wanted it badly. Its one of those that's a designer cheapie, and not a Target brand.  But I wasn't willing to pay the $35 or whatever that was on the tag. Yes, I really am cheap like that.  So when I saw this on clearance, my heart skipped a beat! $17! Holla!
The only downside is that the lacey stuff is itchy. I have such sensitive skin when it comes to itchy fabrics. By 5pm, I was so done and was blotchy from scratching. Hopefully some washing will soften it up.
Oh, and a new belt.  Sadly, this is the only brown belt I have.
I need something fatter. Funkier.
 {please ignore that which is under construction behind me. it was too cold to go outside}

tunic, belt, wedges {target} skinnies, earrings{F21}

I am linking up with Lindsey and Nina!

the pleated poppy blog

Momma Go Round

Speaking of Nina... I am so flattered! She was so sweet and featured me and my yellow H&M dress and grey leggings on her site last week!! When I saw it, it made me smile from here to Texas. Aw shucks.


Meredith said...

you're so so pretty! i love the color of that tunic too. you only needed one shot:)

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Karri, I LOVE that tunic. Super cute. That necklace is gorgeous too. Definitely checking out here site.
Did you know I get to meet April this weekend?? I'm so excited.

Karri said...

Alyson - Are you going to the Queen Bee Market?!?! JEALOUS! Can you say 'hi' to April?! I feel giddy ...like you're meeting a celebrity. Lindsey will be there, too, right?! Dude...and you want to move to Milwaukee?!

Meredith...thank you :) that's so sweet. Do you know I read your blog daily? Probably not, because I don't comment. I am one of "those".

Sara said...

i loove that Target dress!!

And I'm totally jealous that you are going to the Queen Bee market---if I knew you better I'd tell you to PLEASE hug Mique and Jess for me <3

They are the loveliest ever.

So happy I dropped by...can't wait to see your outfit next week!

--Sara Sophia

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

I love your turquoise and lace top and all the accessories you wore with it. Very pretty!

heather said...

Love this outfit and super love the yellow dress you mentioned being featured in! Super cute on you!

And seriously your calendar scares me!!! Ours is already crazy and the girls are not involved in much stuff. Good thing I have no life right? :-)

Our Lussier Family said...

so I had this same dress in my hand to buy to wear for Easter, but at the last minute couldn't justify it so I bought a headband instead-Love it though!