Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Other titles could be:
Someday I will wear capris! I can feel it!
Get off the rag, Mother Nature!

Yeah. I am starting to feel nasty that I am still having to regularly wear jeans in May. Trying to maintain a positive attitude, but when you have winter-ish weather that you despise for too many months out of the year, you really look forward to exposing skin! (well, I do)

tank {Old Navy} :: jacket {Target} :: jeans {Kohls} :: wedges {Banana Republic} :: necklace {walmart}

{Fabulous Banana Republic wedges that I got at a consignment boutique. I now know why they looked so new. After wearing them all day, my poor dogs were barkin'!}

Stop the Presses! It was warm out!!  And I wore a shorty short skirt and you know what? It was incredibly comfy and not at all awkward!
shirt {ON} :: denim skirt {Gap} :: sandals {Target} :: necklace {Bonhomie Jewelry} :: bracelet {Tiffany & Co}

{I was never really a fan of the gladiator looking sandal, but after finding these last week at Target for $7, I figured it wouldn't hurt me to try them.}

Happy Mother's Day!!
It was an ok day, weather-wise, but a great day altogether, starting with my requested breakfast: stuffed french toast. Yum! I got to spend a low-key day with my kids and husband and later, with my mom, grandma, aunt, cousin (and the respective men, of course)
jeans {Ann Taylor Loft} :: shoes {Miss Sixty} :: shirt {Target} :: necklace {Bonhomie Jewelry} :: custom made mother's bracelet {gift}
Um, kids are wearing Carters outfit & Gymbo sandals and glasses (N), Childrens Place polo, Gap jeans, & Tony Hawk shoes (A), and Ruff Hewn polo, Old Navy jeans, & Children's Place chucks-knockoffs.

And yes, I've since given myself a pedicure in a gorgeous orange. Goodness. I should have not showed off my toes like that!

P.S. I totally meant to crop these photos and just noticed I didn't!!! Whoops. Guess you get to see stray pails and the grill, all covered up, and junk in the yard!

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Bobbie said...

Your dogs may be barking but they are looking cute! It was 90 degrees today in baton rouge. I wish, wish , wish for the cooler weather!

tracey said...

Love all of these outfits, especially the denim skirt day! And those wedges are fabulous!

Kara said...

Oh my, those BR wedges are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits this week! Those orange shoes are AMAZING with the neutrals up top. SUPER COOL MAMA!!
Thanks for stopping by she's crafty!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

I am loving the Banana Republic shoes! I LOVE the color!!

Karri said...

Thanks for the props!!!