Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I Wore

Its time for another What-I-Wore/Real Momma Real Style.  Lots of fun - it just creates more accountability outfit-wise, and showcases that mommas can have style outside of tshirts and jeans and messy hair.  As a disclaimer, I'm not claiming to be the most fashionable person.  As you'll notice, most of my wardrobe comes from Target!
skirt {American Eagle Outfitters} :: Converse tank, white tank, cardi {Target} :: mum necklace {Love Stitched}

We had temps in the 80's for one brief, fleeting day!
and I realize this dress does not flatter me. oh well.

dress {Old Navy} :: owl necklace {Charlotte Russe} :: super old sandals {Unlisted} :: sunnies {anthro} :: copper bracelets {these were my mom's from the 70's. fo realz}

Later that evening, after my daughter bled on my dress, I changed to go out for cocktails with some wonderful neighborhood ladies! We got to sit out on the patio. Happies!
shirt {The Limited-consignment} :: seriously ancient capris {Gap}

We had a 'bout of cold weather, so no pics. Because seriously? It was depressing.
But today, I got to break out 3/4 sleeves and sandals. It was also an un-tucked kind of day.
 {Born-drilles. from Goodwill. washed up and good as new}
next to my asparagus I forgot about. whoops.
whoops! A gust of wind as I snapped the photo!
shirt, belt {F21} :: jeans {Marlow. from Goodwill} :: mum necklace {Love Stitched} :: bracelet {too old for me to remember}

I am linking up with Lindsay and Nina :) You should, too. Or at least, if you're having trouble changing out of your jams/sweats before 4pm, visit the lovely ladies who link and gain some inspiration from them!

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Trish said...

Mother Nature and this May weather can bite me!

Stephanie D said...

Cute looks, and that dress is very flattering on you so don't put it up in the back of your closet and forget about it! Down in Texas we are loving the weather, is is unusually cool, just wish we could get some rain!

Mongs said...

you are so funny.... you got me laughing that I just clicked the follow me (I mean you) button. I like that couch pose with all those laundry, it's so me, or rather so us (moms). I'm so glad to have join the Pleated Poppy link up, the mommies here are so "real". Thank you for dropping by my blog, really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Love the first outfit, that skirt is cute!

Sheila said...

Someday I will get out of my Tshirts and jeans.

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

I am loving the dress. It's so cute and you look great in it!!