Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's catch up:

All 3 kids are swimming, with Aidan being the best. N & E do it mostly underwater, but its still swimming. And its very cool. Too bad they (the dynamic duo) have a hard time listening to their swim teacher.

We had N & E's conferences in February.
They are doing great in preschool and the teachers are really happy with how far they've come since the start of the year. They're finally starting to separate themselves from each other (yay), but often times, Norah will still trail Elliott, whereas he's more independent at school. She's also the troublemaker of the two - the one who tackles him, the one who has her mama's wandering mind and the need to do something else while still listening to the teacher talk....

We had Aidan's 2nd conference in March.
He's doing GREAT!!! Not counting his specials, he got all 4's!! Last report card, he had 3 or 4 3's, so he made some improvement. (4's are the highest you can get). His teacher said that he's made so much improvement from the start of the year and she's so proud of him. He's reading, he's doing addition, and he's become much more social and is starting to be more sure of himself. We're still working on being assertive. Which is funny, because he so does not have that issue at home.
His Speech and Language Pathologist said that he's made so much improvement, as well. He met a lot of his goals with her, but still have some, and then she set some further goals for the next 12 months.

He's going to start a TaeKwando class at the Y in 2 weeks. I hope he likes it. I think it will help him with the assertiveness thing and with his confidence.
He's also said that he wants to do t-ball again this summer. I gave him the choice between that or soccer. I am kinda surprised, and wish he had chose the latter, but what are you going to do? It was his choice.

Norah is in dance - she has her recital on Wednesday. Then she'll continue with it for the next session. She's really enjoying it and its nice to see her interact with other girls. Although she doesn't know that I see her. Because she does not want me to watch her. She's made that very very clear. Every week. Weird kid.

Elliott's been taking a sports class - they go over the basics of soccer, kickball, and football. He has really enjoyed it. I think I'll have him take it again, so that he has a good grasp on them and can choose a sport in fall. But he's also taking a preschool movement class in 2 weeks. Gotta keep them busy, right?

What else?
Aidan is 6. Which just floors me. Not so much that he's 6, but that I've been a parent for 6 years. I don't feel old enough, and it still seems like just yesterday that he was a baby.

Norah's got mad drawing and coloring skillz. She colors completely in the lines. And she's drawing some cool pictures - people with hands and feet and hair and accessories - like popscicles or cat tails. Cats (natch). All of her faces - people or animals - have straight faces. Never a smile, never a frown, never anything but a stern, straight face. Its rather funny.

Both Norah and Elliott are starting to spell. Finally! We've got their names down, which was my goal before they started K4 this fall.

Norah will start seeing a psychologist in 2 weeks. Oh yay. The GI person and I decided that enough was enough and it was time to end this ridiculous behavior. She's still withholding. And then there is the whole won't-go-on-the-potty thing. Good times.

And finally...the kids will take their first real road trip next week. Its spring break, and we're taking them to MN for a few days. Going somewhere where its warm. ha ha. They're quite excited, as am I.

the return of the slacker!

Norah has discovered the art of being girly.
She loves to apply scented hand lotion several times a day.
She loves all her lip balms - flavored princess, flavored hello kitty, glittery gloss - its all good.
And best of all, she loves putting makeup on her Barbies. Oh yeah. She found a little Barbie makeup compact among my old Barbie stuff (gross) and I gave her some q-tips and she goes to town, making her Barbies "pretty". Pretty scary is more like it.
I'd share a photo, but apparently, either my new camera or my mac or something doesn't want to cooperate with sharing photos on the internet.