Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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I've moved!
That's right.  I packed up my Blogger bags and set up my own domain using Wordpress for many reasons. This is a HUGE learning curve for me, so please bear with me! Give me a week and my blog will be pretty again. Until then, this blog's content has been moved, its up, functional, and I am posting! So please join me at http://houseoftubers.com

{and if you're curious about the name, you have to come visit!}

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Latelies

There's this awesome blogging thing that takes place on, yes, Thursdays, and it was started by Bex (of Bex, A Style Diary).  I am intrigued. However, I am not quite ready to expose my voice to the internets. Man, I loathe my voice.
So can I participate by just talking up my Thursday Lately list?  If I actually get some readers/comments, I will dive in and vlog next week (yikes!)

The first few things I am loving right now is cheap makeup from Target!
In years past, I've mainly been a department store makeup kind of gal.  But in trying to reduce my budget so I can spend it elsewhere, I hit up Target's new-ish designer line.

So this first product is this NP Set eyeliner from Target in Mexico City Brown. It glides on so easy and the other end has a sponge so you can smudge it, which is does super well.  I think I paid $11 for it.
Source: target.com via Karri on Pinterest

This next one is cheap nail polish! Woot! I don't polish my fingers. Ever since I can recall, I have been cursed with thin nails that split and break. So I keep them short and clean. But my toes are another story. Since they are toes, I don't find it necessary to splurge on Essie, OPI, or Nicole (unless I get a pedi and fall in love with the color).  This is one of my new favorite colors- Cloud 9.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Kenra's Platinum line! Hair products are one area that I do splurge on, especially when my hair is colored (vs. highlighted).  Roughly a year or so ago, when I was blonde, I tried Burt's Bees and fell in love with sulfate/paraben free shampoo.  But after I went brunette, I had to find a color shampoo, since this is not my natural color. Low and behold...Kenra.
{I get the Platinum shampoo for fine/thin hair}
{and the Platinum Botanical Conditioner for fine/thin hair. because weightless hair tangles like a b*tch.}

And for those days that I am not leaving the house except to cart my kids around (like today. a rainy day), I love the dry shampoo. I can still look good, but not have to put all the effort into the wash/dry/flat iron routine.  Prior to this, I was doomed, because my hair is so thin that instantly in the a.m. I was like an oil slick.
And I finish everything up with the hairspray... #25. Love it. Its light, yet creates texture and volume. And if I comb through, there's no evidence of it except volume.
My final Thursday Lately product is Crystal Light Pure.  Aside from coffee in the a.m., I only drink water during the day,  so sometimes, I like to mix it up...a LaCroix here, water with cucumber or lemon there....  That's what lead me to buying this. And no aspartame. Holla!  The flavor is very light. Not at all like lemonade.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I Wore

Its time for another What-I-Wore/Real Momma Real Style.  Lots of fun - it just creates more accountability outfit-wise, and showcases that mommas can have style outside of tshirts and jeans and messy hair.  As a disclaimer, I'm not claiming to be the most fashionable person.  As you'll notice, most of my wardrobe comes from Target!
skirt {American Eagle Outfitters} :: Converse tank, white tank, cardi {Target} :: mum necklace {Love Stitched}

We had temps in the 80's for one brief, fleeting day!
and I realize this dress does not flatter me. oh well.

dress {Old Navy} :: owl necklace {Charlotte Russe} :: super old sandals {Unlisted} :: sunnies {anthro} :: copper bracelets {these were my mom's from the 70's. fo realz}

Later that evening, after my daughter bled on my dress, I changed to go out for cocktails with some wonderful neighborhood ladies! We got to sit out on the patio. Happies!
shirt {The Limited-consignment} :: seriously ancient capris {Gap}

We had a 'bout of cold weather, so no pics. Because seriously? It was depressing.
But today, I got to break out 3/4 sleeves and sandals. It was also an un-tucked kind of day.
 {Born-drilles. from Goodwill. washed up and good as new}
next to my asparagus I forgot about. whoops.
whoops! A gust of wind as I snapped the photo!
shirt, belt {F21} :: jeans {Marlow. from Goodwill} :: mum necklace {Love Stitched} :: bracelet {too old for me to remember}

I am linking up with Lindsay and Nina :) You should, too. Or at least, if you're having trouble changing out of your jams/sweats before 4pm, visit the lovely ladies who link and gain some inspiration from them!

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Sometime early this summer, my blog will be undergoing some fun transformations.
But not until I finish my 5-part webinar that I am taking, called Blogging Your Passion.
Yep. A webinar.
Stay tuned...it'll be exciting! I promise.

So I married a marathon-er.

{Yes. I am wearing a down winter coat. On May 15th. That is just all kinds of wrong}

I am so proud of him.  26.2 miles.  There is no way on God's green earth that anyone could ever get me to run 26.2 miles. That's why there are bikes. And cars. Walk? Sure (for charity). Run? Hells to the no.
So I am in awe of those who can make their bodies do that.  Who have the determination and strength.

The sea of runners and supporters, trying to stay warm

gear bags

 a runner trying to keep warm, post-race

 Winter coats and hats were the norm for spectators. And this would not be a WI race event without beer.
{the runners had tickets on the bottom of their #s. one bratwurst, two beers. gotta love WI}

 The Lone Ranger
This guy had some courage. He ran through Lambeau with his Bears flag. Lots of jeers and boos.

 Hubs, entering Lambeau, still alive and kickin'!

 There he is...#1657! Almost finished! Right after this, he ripped off the Naoplean Dynomite headband and whipped it at me, hitting my camera lens and leaving a big salt streak! EWWWW!

 About to cross the finish line!!
He finished in 04:03:57
And he swears he will never. Not ever. Do it again.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I don't care if Monday's blue.
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too.
Thursday I don't care about you.
Its Friday, I'm upstairs at 11pm mopping the bathroom floor.

Wait. That's not how The Cure sang it? Drat.

This evening, I had some friends over. One friend has daughters that my kids have grown up with since they were 1.  Naturally, they adore each other to the bone.  Normally, the girls are all very quiet and just play in Norah's room, dressing up in silly clothes, playing with stuffed cats, perhaps putting on some makeup, and generally, getting out every toy known to mankind.
Tonight they opted for the Path of Adventure, it seems.
You see, I found my feet sticking to the upstairs bathroom floor.  A pile of 3 bath towels laying on the floor. An overturned spray bottle of air freshener.  A bottle of Method hand soap, with a suspiciously lower level than before, sitting on the floor.
It turns out that the girls turned the bathroom into a skating rink.
Brilliant? Naughty? Creative?
You decide while you're mopping at 11pm, having to change the water each time because of the amount of soap in it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Other titles could be:
Someday I will wear capris! I can feel it!
Get off the rag, Mother Nature!

Yeah. I am starting to feel nasty that I am still having to regularly wear jeans in May. Trying to maintain a positive attitude, but when you have winter-ish weather that you despise for too many months out of the year, you really look forward to exposing skin! (well, I do)

tank {Old Navy} :: jacket {Target} :: jeans {Kohls} :: wedges {Banana Republic} :: necklace {walmart}

{Fabulous Banana Republic wedges that I got at a consignment boutique. I now know why they looked so new. After wearing them all day, my poor dogs were barkin'!}

Stop the Presses! It was warm out!!  And I wore a shorty short skirt and you know what? It was incredibly comfy and not at all awkward!
shirt {ON} :: denim skirt {Gap} :: sandals {Target} :: necklace {Bonhomie Jewelry} :: bracelet {Tiffany & Co}

{I was never really a fan of the gladiator looking sandal, but after finding these last week at Target for $7, I figured it wouldn't hurt me to try them.}

Happy Mother's Day!!
It was an ok day, weather-wise, but a great day altogether, starting with my requested breakfast: stuffed french toast. Yum! I got to spend a low-key day with my kids and husband and later, with my mom, grandma, aunt, cousin (and the respective men, of course)
jeans {Ann Taylor Loft} :: shoes {Miss Sixty} :: shirt {Target} :: necklace {Bonhomie Jewelry} :: custom made mother's bracelet {gift}
Um, kids are wearing Carters outfit & Gymbo sandals and glasses (N), Childrens Place polo, Gap jeans, & Tony Hawk shoes (A), and Ruff Hewn polo, Old Navy jeans, & Children's Place chucks-knockoffs.

And yes, I've since given myself a pedicure in a gorgeous orange. Goodness. I should have not showed off my toes like that!

P.S. I totally meant to crop these photos and just noticed I didn't!!! Whoops. Guess you get to see stray pails and the grill, all covered up, and junk in the yard!

Linking up with Lindsey and Nina this week!

Momma Go Round
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Ten on Tuesday

In honor of Mother's Day, I bring you this Tuesday's ten:
10 Things I've Learned as a Mama

1. Nothing is fast anymore, yet time flies.
Need to run to the store because I ran out of [insert item here]? It used to be so easy. Now? Not so much. Even though they are older, it still takes 3x as long.  Yet...it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant. And the sleepless nights. And the parent anxiety. It all goes too fast.

2. Never say never. Because you never know.

3.  Inevitably, you will become your mother. Maybe not permanantly, but you'll see glimpses of her appear at times. Yes, you will tell your child(ren) that "if you don't stop this right now, I will pull this car over to the side of the road!", or you'll tell them that you have eyes in back of your head. Or my favorite. "because I said so, that's why." (I swore I'd never give that as an answer. Ever.)

4.  Someday, your child will say that they hate you. Or call you a "meanie mommy". And as prepared as you are for this moment, it will still stab like a knife.

5.  If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  Word.  Don't worry what others think about you and just live your life the way that makes y'all happy.

6.  Time outs are great. For mommy, that is. Yes, sometimes, the best thing we can do is to walk away and take some deep breaths and regroup.

7.  My kids will never, ever find my constant dancing to be cool. It will always cause them to hang their heads and roll their eyes. Sigh.

8.  There's no such thing as privacy. I am not sure when moms are entitled to it, but 9 years later, I still don't have it.

9.  Instill in them the love of reading. It will pay back ten-fold on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

10.  Being a mom is absolutely the hardest, yet most rewarding and wonderful job I've ever had.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Easy Peasy Craft

Mother's Day.
Next to Father's Day, its brain wracking for me when it comes to gift ideas.
This past Christmas, I made one of these for my aunt, using my nephew's photo (ok, not really my nephew. technically, my cousin's baby. but anyway...), so I fell back on the same idea for my husband's mom.
The idea came from somewhere on the internets. I don't know where, sorry. I am sure its all over the place, really.  My friend, Alyson, brought this up before Christmas, so I ran with it at that time.
What you need:
Photo (I used an 8x10)
Flat ceramic tile (I used a 6x6. 56cents from HoDe)
Matte Mod Podge
Sponge brush
xacto knife or paper cutter

Trim the photo down to the size you want.
I cut mine down so about a mm of tile showed on each edge.
I also bought a 12x12 tile and could have had hubs cut it down to an 8x8 or 10x10 (HoDe and Lowes will do this, too), but I ran out of time to have an 11x14 printed.
Apply a thin coat of Mod-Podge to the tile and adhere the photo to the tile, making sure you press out all air bubbles.
Let dry for an hour, then apply your first coat of Mod Podge.
I put a big glob in the middle and then brushed it over the photo, and then evened it out using even strokes, one after another, one way, not stopping mid-stroke, until the end.

 {wet after the first coat}
Let that dry for an hour, and then apply a second coat, but going the other way (ie: my first application was horizontal, so my second was vertical)

After the 2nd coat dries, it'll look like this.

{view from an angle. kinda looks like a photo w/ a linen type texture}

Then just get a photo stand from Michael's (or JoAnn or Hobb Lobb or what have you) and voila! Done. A gift for around $5.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Real Momma, Real Style

One lousy photo.
That's what I've got because I went away from Thurs-Sunday and did not take any photos of my outfits. Not that they were anything to photograph, anyway. 
And on Monday I was just too busy to get the camera out of my bag and set it up! Our May schedule started off with a bang and if I make it through the month, it will be a miracle!!!
(and this is before I added some more events)

Anyway, this isn't so much a fashion photo as it is my new bling!!!
Awhile back, I won a gift certificate to Bonhomie Jewels, courtesy of the lovely and talented April of Funky Vintage Lovely.  
I chose to cash in my GC towards this sweetheart necklace. Isn't it divine?! (taken in the mirror, so that's a K+C)  Kirstie is talented. Y'all should go check her stuff out.  She has designed several pieces for Alicia Keys!!!

This tunic is from Target. When they first had it, I wanted it badly. Its one of those that's a designer cheapie, and not a Target brand.  But I wasn't willing to pay the $35 or whatever that was on the tag. Yes, I really am cheap like that.  So when I saw this on clearance, my heart skipped a beat! $17! Holla!
The only downside is that the lacey stuff is itchy. I have such sensitive skin when it comes to itchy fabrics. By 5pm, I was so done and was blotchy from scratching. Hopefully some washing will soften it up.
Oh, and a new belt.  Sadly, this is the only brown belt I have.
I need something fatter. Funkier.
 {please ignore that which is under construction behind me. it was too cold to go outside}

tunic, belt, wedges {target} skinnies, earrings{F21}

I am linking up with Lindsey and Nina!

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Speaking of Nina... I am so flattered! She was so sweet and featured me and my yellow H&M dress and grey leggings on her site last week!! When I saw it, it made me smile from here to Texas. Aw shucks.