Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dominick The Donkey

Dominick The Donkey
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When Aidan turned 1, we got a compilation of songs off of the Mob Hits I and II CD from a friend. Since then, its been a regular in our dinnertime music rotation. The kids have recently taken a liking to 'Dominick the Donkey'. Aidan even put it down as his favorite song on a survey he did last week for school!!

Funny Little Creatures

When Aidan was at Take Your Child to Work Day with Chris, one of the questions they asked the kids was if they knew what their parents did. Aidan answered, "my dad makes money."

Today on our walk to school, Elliott informed me that God is Dr. Seuss. I don't know if this stemmed from me telling him that God was not male and in his mind, Dr. Seuss looked pretty much like he thought that grandpa male god would look. Or if he just thought Dr. Seuss was pretty cool. Or maybe Dr. Seuss was just on the brain. I couldn't get any additional info out of him.

Number Grids

Everyday Math. It seems like a great curriculum. However, its so not the way I learned math. As if its not difficult enough to help your child with their homework, a foreign way to learn something is thrown into the mix (foreign, as in alien and not natural to me).

Yesterday I was trying to help Aidan do some homework that involved getting an answer via a number grid. He was doing it incorrectly, so he was arguing with me that because the grid said that the answer was 19, that's what it (37-19) was. I was telling him that he was doing it wrong, because that was not the answer. We finally figured it out, but shiiiiiiiiiit. Number grids, fact triangles, name collection boxes, & function machines.... its like I am learning math all over again. As if it was not bad enough the first time around!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Life Changing Event

That's how the little girl in the movie, Bedtime Stories, describes her first hamburger. Apparently, my kids feel the same way. Its only been recently that they've had beef* and oh boy... they love it and prefer it over anything else, it seems. I guess I can give them all the tofu I want and they'll still end up with their daddy's taste buds.

* I take that back. Back when I was in the hospital, pregnant w/ the twins, Aidan got a healthy dose of red meat and I recall that I was told that he would wolf it down.

I'm a big boy mommy

Im a big boy mommy
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Can't leave Elliott out! He did it, too!! And is very proud.

No More Training Wheels!!!!

Norah learns to bike
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Look at her go!!! Much like her big brother Aidan, she and Elliott got it on their first try. Yay!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today Norah went on a playdate, so Elliott and I snatched up the opportunity to go on a lunch date. We chose Alterra, where we could eat outside on a gorgeous, 85 degree day. He was thrilled to share a lemonade with me...such a treat. When we came home, we filled up a small pool and he played in it while I worked in the yard, and we talked to each other. It was perfect. He is such a sweet little boy. Just wonderful. Yet things change when you get him around his siblings and I am still trying to figure that one out.
He and his sister love each other and share an incredible bond. However, if you stick a friend in there, Norah decides to cast Elliott to the side and often even resorts to name calling. I am guessing this is one of the things that causes him to act up at other times.

When Elliott has his feelings hurt, he's recently taken to saying, "That hurts my heart. It makes me sad, and it makes God sad."


Speaking of God's feelings, Elliott's been quite concerned about making God sad lately. Everything from people smoking to litter me putting one of the kids in a time out to not letting him have what he wants. (God is sad when I don't give him ice cream. Don't you know? No dice.)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sadly Neglected

Not just my blog. But apparently someone's cupboards, as well. This salad dressing was something that someone donated during the Stamp Out Hunger food drive this Saturday.
Best when purchased by 1978! Seriously. Can you believe that?! GROSS!