Friday, November 09, 2007

Again, amazed by the memory

The other day, Aidan was asking me who his uncles were. I gave him hints and he named all of them. Then he asked, "what about Rob?" I said, "sure, I guess you can call him an uncle." (because I have no clue how I'd explain 'that's mommy's cousin's husband' to a 5 year old). So then he said, "oooooooh! ooooh! Craig! Uncle Craig! I like him. This one time (at band camp. just kidding) we were at grandma jeanne and grandpa john's and we sat in our van and pretended to drive places. That was fun."
Shit. That was a long time ago!!!

That's right, girl.

Norah: "what's that, mommy?" (points to diamond above jewelery store sign)
Me: "a diamond."
N: "oooh. I like diamond."
Me: "and what else? what are diamonds?"
N: "they my best friend."

good girl.

Norah made up a new little ditty. I often sing her "I see london, I see france, I see Norah's underpants." because I am trying to teach her not to show the world her undies when wearing a dress. So anyway, when we drive downtown, we pass this area where we can see into the Miller (brewing co.) Valley and see Miller Park. They know that the Miller sign=beer. She decided to sing a song, set to 'i see london', and it goes:
I see beer
I see beer
I see beer
every where!
Let's hope she doesn't sing that at school or we may hear CPS knocking on our door.

Monday, November 05, 2007

four times two

Holy cow. I can't believe that it was 4 years ago that they were these 3lb 4oz babies. It really seems like it was just yesterday that I was this pregnant beached whale like person. And now...look at them. 4 years old. Going to preschool. Jumping up %ages in their growth chart. Identifying letters and numbers. Wearing undies.

Trick or Treat....smell our feet....

...give us something good to eat!

All About Aidan

Aidan still loves his phonics. And he loooooooves talking. Certainly didn't get that from his mama. Boy wakes up talking....literally. One night, I spent the night in the bottom bunk when there was a thunderstorm and each boy needed a parent. In the morning, I was woken up by the sound of Aidan's voice. He was doing his warmups, apparently. Practicing all of his phonetic sounds. Got to get that voice box in shape for all that chatting he'll do all. day. long.

We got his report card today. I was VERY pleased :) Our conference is on Friday, so I am excited to hear and talk more about it.

Aid started basketball today. I didn't take him --daddy did-- but he said that it was so much fun to watch him. That he's come so far since last year's soccer camp. I'd have to say the same about swimming. We've held off on swim lessons for him for about 2 years now, because it was such a struggle (despite him having been in them since he was 6 mos). He's finally confident in the pool and wants to and is excited to take swim lessons next session. My boy is growing up!!