Sunday, December 16, 2007

Barbie Night Out

Apparently barbies like wine just as much as a mama does. Looks like they may have had some kind of wild night.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Again, amazed by the memory

The other day, Aidan was asking me who his uncles were. I gave him hints and he named all of them. Then he asked, "what about Rob?" I said, "sure, I guess you can call him an uncle." (because I have no clue how I'd explain 'that's mommy's cousin's husband' to a 5 year old). So then he said, "oooooooh! ooooh! Craig! Uncle Craig! I like him. This one time (at band camp. just kidding) we were at grandma jeanne and grandpa john's and we sat in our van and pretended to drive places. That was fun."
Shit. That was a long time ago!!!

That's right, girl.

Norah: "what's that, mommy?" (points to diamond above jewelery store sign)
Me: "a diamond."
N: "oooh. I like diamond."
Me: "and what else? what are diamonds?"
N: "they my best friend."

good girl.

Norah made up a new little ditty. I often sing her "I see london, I see france, I see Norah's underpants." because I am trying to teach her not to show the world her undies when wearing a dress. So anyway, when we drive downtown, we pass this area where we can see into the Miller (brewing co.) Valley and see Miller Park. They know that the Miller sign=beer. She decided to sing a song, set to 'i see london', and it goes:
I see beer
I see beer
I see beer
every where!
Let's hope she doesn't sing that at school or we may hear CPS knocking on our door.

Monday, November 05, 2007

four times two

Holy cow. I can't believe that it was 4 years ago that they were these 3lb 4oz babies. It really seems like it was just yesterday that I was this pregnant beached whale like person. And now...look at them. 4 years old. Going to preschool. Jumping up %ages in their growth chart. Identifying letters and numbers. Wearing undies.

Trick or Treat....smell our feet....

...give us something good to eat!

All About Aidan

Aidan still loves his phonics. And he loooooooves talking. Certainly didn't get that from his mama. Boy wakes up talking....literally. One night, I spent the night in the bottom bunk when there was a thunderstorm and each boy needed a parent. In the morning, I was woken up by the sound of Aidan's voice. He was doing his warmups, apparently. Practicing all of his phonetic sounds. Got to get that voice box in shape for all that chatting he'll do all. day. long.

We got his report card today. I was VERY pleased :) Our conference is on Friday, so I am excited to hear and talk more about it.

Aid started basketball today. I didn't take him --daddy did-- but he said that it was so much fun to watch him. That he's come so far since last year's soccer camp. I'd have to say the same about swimming. We've held off on swim lessons for him for about 2 years now, because it was such a struggle (despite him having been in them since he was 6 mos). He's finally confident in the pool and wants to and is excited to take swim lessons next session. My boy is growing up!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hooked on phonics....

Aidan loves him some phonics. He can be found walking around, reciting his sounds. Tonight, we were discussing trick-or-treat and he said, "halloween. h-h-h-h-h-h (making the 'huh' sound). halloween starts with 'H' !" Sometimes, we'll be trying to spell words, and he gets frustrated because he hasn't learned those sounds yet. Oops.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Phonics Rule!!

Aidan recently started Jolly Phonics in school and since then, he's taken a great interest in learning how to write words. I am so excited. He's never really been very interested. Next stop...reading!!!
Anyway, on Saturday, he sat down with a pencil and paper and said he was going to do some writing. He asked for my assistance, but I said I would only help him break down the words into sounds, because its better for him to learn on his own.
Here's what he wrote:
I lv u.
I lv mom.
skol (school)
tres (trees)
dg (dog)
kt (cat)
kfe (coffee)
fsh (fish)
snak (snake)
zbra (zebra)

How awesome!!

Since then, he's been writing all weekend. I took advantage of it and dusted off a workbook I had and had him work on writing some numbers, as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quest for a new toy...

Humor me.
I am on a mission to prove that I deserve and will utilize a good camera. I want a DSLR. Bad. So I've been playing with ours to try and prove myself to C.


And they're off...

Twice a week, for 2.5 hours, all 3 of my kids are in school. Wow. That's just so weird.
I can't believe that my babies are in preschool. It seems like just yesterday, they were these tiny little 3 pound babies that were smaller than my boobs!

1 year old!

and then they were 2!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Down, Two To Go...

My baby went back to school today. What a long day for him. It surprises me that they have them go for only 2.5 hrs their first year, but then year two.....WHAM! 7 long hours. That's a big adjustment. He did really well, though.
We started our morning off with a very talkative Aidan. So excited, telling us how excited he was. He had his breakfast of choice: scrambled eggs and toast, and chose what he wanted for his first school lunch (turkey on a bagel, tomatoes, grapes, applesauce, water. I stuck some whole grain cheetos in there as a treat, but surprisingly, they came home. I guess the lunch was a wee bit big for a small boy.) He was excited and chatty his whole way to school and then we got on the playground and he clammed up. I don't blame him. We got to follow them into class and sit down on the rug and hear a story called The Kissing Hand.
He seemed AOK when it was time to leave. A little reserved, but good.
It was so weird to not have to race back at 11:10 to pick him up. And even more strange to have complete silence at naptime and no one to talk to or play with.
We went back at 3:20 to pick him up and he was so excited to see us and even offered up information about his day: they had PE and Art. They took a tour of the school to see the rooms where specials are and the cafeteria. They had a snack and he didn't eat it. There was a classmate who "made some bad choices and spent a lot of time in the office." Funny how that sticks out. And he also told me about all the rules and about how they have a counting rhyme to tell you how long you get at the water fountain when you get a drink.
We ended the day with a celebration dinner - outdoor dining at a local Mexican place. Yum.
He's excited for tomorrow, so it must have been as good as he's saying.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahh...the sweet sounds of school....

Tonight we had Aidan's meet-the-teacher/classroom orientation gig. His teacher is brand-spankin-new to the school, so I do have to say I was a tad apprehensive, but not anymore. She seems very nice (and young!), but she was so very uber organized. His classroom looks like a lot of fun. Its hard to imagine him in school all day - 8:30-3:20! That's a long day! He's so excited to use his new school bag and lunch bag and his special insulated thermos that we picked out --he was over the moon when I explained how it keeps milk & water cold, but will also keep spaghetti or soup hot.
I was happy to find out that we'll be able to come to his classroom on the 1st day and see him off. But after that, no dice. Which is ok.
And looking at his schedule, they have all these fun things: PE 3x/wk, art & music & library all 2x/wk.
Its all so exciting! It seems like he born just yesterday . How can this be?!?!


There is no word to describe her better. I love my girl to pieces and I suspect she gets a bit of her temprament from her mama and I hope that some of the things I see as negatives now, end up being positive things down the line. Her whining that never ever ends because she won't give in? Hopefully that just means that she will stick to something and has drive. Right?
I do worry about her and school, though. If the teacher tells her no, will she pull what she does at home and whine until I pick her up, being a little brat for the rest of the morning?

Little Fisherman

Aidan loves to go fishing with his Papa and anyone else who will join them. Earlier this summer, they went and he actually caught 13 fish!* He's still talking about it with great pride in his voice.

*Take note that he will not touch bait or the fish. He's terrified of them.

So last weekend, he was obsessed with sitting in Papa's little fishing boat and "rowing" it. He's never been in it...they always fish in the pontoon boat. We decided to let grandpa take him for a little spin in it. He was all smiles when they left the pier, but you can see his death grip on the seat.

My Little Fishes

These 2 are going to start private swim lessons next week. The lessons go for 15 weeks, 1x/wk. I bet that by the end, they are swimming 2-3 feet on their own. They are fearless little fish!


Ain't love grand?

Daddy's Little Helper

Can he fix it?

Yes he can!

The end of t-ball season

It was amazing to see how far Aidan came over the course of the t-ball season. His running, however, still needs quite a bit of work. You'd think that, of all things, would come naturally. Apparently not.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tiny Dancer

Summer is just about over. Aidan has finished t-ball. Summer playground is over. Elliott completed swim lessons. And Norah finished dance and had her "recital". I was so proud of her and she was so cute. She may not listen at home all that often, but she paid attention in class. My big girl.

She enjoyed it so much that we've decided to continue with dance this fall/winter. She's going to be taking a real ballet/tap class. She is so stinkin' excited about her "new dance class"!

Here are a few photos of my ballerina

stretching before dancingVideo. First one is the dance they learned. Second is some of the moves they practiced over the summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Fun!

Well I've been quite the slacker.

We've had a busy few weeks, filled with fun things like camping at Devils Lake (ok, maybe that wasn't quite as fun as we had hoped, especially since daddy thought it was ok to let them play with the campfire. But we won't go there), a weekend trip "up north" (as we say in WI) with some friends, a day trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park, and another day trip to the Shedd Aquarium. Busy Busy Busy!! But lots of fun before the school year starts!

Here are a few photos....
What camping is all about - swimming
building sandcastles -

and eating s'mores-

My daughter is fearless when it comes to water.

Enjoying some rides at the amusement park.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ride On!

Oh. My. God.
He did it. On his first try when we got to the park. He didn't fall once at all! And he even knows how to brake slowly and stop without falling.

GO AIDAN!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Getting Girly!

Norah asked me to paint her toes and fingernails today! This is huge. I think I've asked her if I could do this every week for a year now and she's shrieked in horror. So for her to ask for!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Growing Up...

Aidan is growing up so fast and learning so much from school. Especially recently, it seems like he's really picking up on things. He's starting to spell some words on his own and be able to write them without asking how they are spelled, like zoo, mommy, daddy, flower, and some of the easier (to spell) months of the year. Granted, its pretty much rote memorization and its not like he's phonetically figuring out words, but still...its so much more than what he was doing two months ago, which was nothing.

His drawings are really impressive (to me, at least), as well. He's starting to add so much detail and they're becoming much more refined. So very cool.

Here are two recent ones....

A drawing of a sunflower, tulips, and daisies growing in soil.

The May calendar

Norah and Elliott. What can I say about them. They will turn me grey, if that is even possible. When I take them to their little kids' club and pick them up later, I am always told that Norah is the one who bosses Elliott around, who takes his toys away, and who is quite mean to him. However, at home, its a whole different story. He provokes her, he teases her, and he does whatever he can to make her mad. And he knows what will make her mad. And when I tell him to stop, he flashes me this cute little smile. He is going to be trouble. I hate to peg him this early, but I can feel it. He's going to be a handful as he gets older.
As much as they fight, they love each other to death.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Long time, no update

Potty training is in full force here. Its certainly not fun, but I guess they can't be in diapers forever. Norah's actually doing fabulous on the pee front. She is managing to stay dry all day. Its just the poop issues we have to worry about. And poop issues she has. Holy cow. We need to break her of her holding it in behavior. It involves multiple laxitives, enemas, and visits to the children's hospital gastroenterology clinic. Good times.
Elliott is doing pretty good, too. He did pee himself today and just kept playing...never came in to tell me. I will chalk that up to being busy. I hope.

Aidan will be out of school after 6/15. I am kind of scared of what the summer holds. He tends to be, um, sassy, bossy, naughty, etc, when bored. So its up to me to keep him busy, but still have a fun summer. He'll be in a summer playground thing every M-W for 2 hours in the morning, all summer long. He's got t-ball at night. And he's taking 2 1-day zoo classes and a 1 day gymnastics camp. Norah is in dance (night) and is in the gymnastics camp, as well. And Elliott is also in the gym camp, and is doing swim lessons at night. Between all of that and playgroups, the park, and pools, and a few summer festivals, I hope we'll have fun.

Speaking of festivals, last weekend, we walked down to a small festival. En route, I looked down and saw that Norah and Elliott were holding hands between the strollers. How sweet is that?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

he says the cutest things

we were in the car and the song, 'personal jesus' was on the radio and elliott said to me, "oooh, mom, i really like this song."

later on (same car ride), he said, "my eyes keep falling down." tee heee

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Picasso in Training

Norah loves to color. She will spend a large chunk of her day coloring. However, the past two days, she's decided to try out her crayons and markers on other mediums....wood, vinyl, cotton. It hasn't gone over very well in this house. Yet, it hasn't stopped her from doing it again.
Her butt has been seeing a lot of the time out chair lately.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Misc Babble

Elliott pooped on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Saturday night and he did it unprompted. Of course, he hasn't done it again since then, but I hope its a start of something. He really wants to wear his Lightning McQueen and Spidey underpants, so we'll see.

When I ask Norah if she wants to poop on the potty too, she answers with a, "not meeee." as if she's telling me she doesn't want butter on her toast or waffles for breakfast.

Right now, Norah's really into identifying boys/girls and the whole brother-sister relationship. She often tells me, "2 girls, mommy. 1, 2", pointing to herself and me. And then, "3 boys. 2 brothers. 1, 2." Sometimes she'll tell me I am her sister, but usually she says she's a little sister and a little girl. Very cute.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My little character

The other night when I was tucking Norah into bed, she said that she wanted to sleep in Ellie's room. I told her no, she needed to sleep in her own bed. She said, "I want my little bed." I was stumped for a minute and asked, "huh? your little bed?" She said, "yeah. My white bed." I said, "You mean your crib? You haven't had a crib in a long time!" Norah said, "Yeah, my crib. I want my white crib." I told her that she was a big girl and needed to sleep in her big girl bed. She told me that no, she was too little and her bed was too big.
Such a character.
I said, "good night, Norah. Sleep tight."
She said, "No. I a princess."
Ok. "Goodnight princess. Sweet dreams."
"No sweet dreams!"
Whatever, girl.

Musings of a 5 year old

Aidan: Mommy - where does the easter bunny live?

Me: I don't know. Where do you think he lives?

Aidan: I think he lives in California, where its warm. Easter bunnies like it where its warm.

Me: oh really.

Aidan: Yes. And I think he flys Midwest to get here.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ain't that the brutal truth.

We had just finished eating lunch and Aidan rubbed his belly and said, "oh mommy, I ate so much and now I have a fat belly like Grampa John. He's got a big belly. But you don't have a fat belly and daddy doesn't have a fat belly. Grampa John has a fat belly because he likes to drink a lot of beer! And Gramma T* has a fat belly, too, because she likes to eat a lot!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Funny at Five

I was diligently knitting my first ever baby blanket (SnB's Big Bad Baby Blanket) when, 6 rows into it, I realized I made a huge mistake and the only way I could fix it was to frog the whole damn thing. How disheartening. I've restarted it, but I am taking a break for an hour to rest my poor wrists.

So anyway....there are just a few things that I want to note about Aidan at age 5.

This is the first Lego car that Aidan built all by himself. He's gone through building all the cars in the book with us, but today, he sat down and went step-by-step through the instructions and built this. We were shocked. WOW! That's just amazing to me.

He's been saying some funny things lately. He's fixated at three-oh-oh being his snacktime. So recently, when we were talking about him going to school next year for full days and not getting home until 3:30, he said, "But I will miss my snack at 3-0-0! That's no good!" And today when we were out running errands, he said, "mommy, is this going to take a long time? Because I don't want to miss three-oh-oh."
That cracks me up.

Later on, we were at the grocery store and we rounded a corner and the meat counter came into view. He loudly exclaimed, "look mommy -- NASTY!" , pointing at the meat. The lady standing there started cracking up.

And finally, since he's always fixated on his birthday, we were once again discussing it today. He said, "when am I going to stop having birthdays?" I told him never...that you have birthdays forever. He said (with a very irritated tone in his voice), "but I don't want to have them forever. I will get sick of them!" To which I said, "but everyone has birthdays every year. Even Nana and Papa still have birthdays. You have birthdays for as long as you are alive. Until you die." He looked at me and then said, "WHY DID YOU SAY I AM GOING TO DIE!? DON'T SAY THAT!"
Geez Louise.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

She's going to be one of those freaky cat ladies...

I just cannot get her to play with dolls, no matter how hard I try!

5 year stats and musings

Aidan's Stats at 5 Years:


So he's a tad taller than average, but not much, and of average weight.
He's finally outgrowing his size 4 pants and is moving into size 5, but they're still quite large on him because he's got no fat on his body. He's sporting the baggy look.

The pediatrician was highly impressed that he can whip out a 300 piece puzzle in about an hour or so. Heck, I am impressed because I could never do that.
She also mentioned that some boys don't night train until age 9. AGE 9?!?! Oh man. That just sucks.

We got him a Razor scooter for his birthday and he's gotten really good at it, just practicing in the house. He's very very eager for the snow to melt so he can go outside and take it for a spin and show off some of his "tricks" he's been practicing.

He's been diligently working on building Lincoln Log structures, but we HAVE to use the directions. He's finally gotten one of them down on his help! When he's gotten frustrated and I told him to use his imagination to just build something, he got angry with me and said, "no! I don't want to use my imagination. I'll use it when I am 8 years old."
8's the magic age. He claims he'll do a lot of stuff when he turns 8. I wonder why he picked that number and if he'll change his mind?

Monday, March 05, 2007

5 year old artwork

Aidan's people have progressed over the years, but they're still very square. I wonder why? He's gotten very detailed - adding fingers, teeth, ears, and even pupils.

His teacher recently started a unit on space, which has really interested Aidan. So we've done some things at home, as well, like make a solar system mobile for his room.
After we did that, he drew this:

Saturn is in the top right corner - yellow w/ a green ring around it.
The solid yellow one is Neptune.
Sun is obviously the big orange one.
Next to the sun is earth: the brown and blue one.
The big purple and green one is Jupiter.
The tiny purple one is Pluto.

He missed a few, but I am very impressed with what he got.