Sunday, September 23, 2007

Phonics Rule!!

Aidan recently started Jolly Phonics in school and since then, he's taken a great interest in learning how to write words. I am so excited. He's never really been very interested. Next stop...reading!!!
Anyway, on Saturday, he sat down with a pencil and paper and said he was going to do some writing. He asked for my assistance, but I said I would only help him break down the words into sounds, because its better for him to learn on his own.
Here's what he wrote:
I lv u.
I lv mom.
skol (school)
tres (trees)
dg (dog)
kt (cat)
kfe (coffee)
fsh (fish)
snak (snake)
zbra (zebra)

How awesome!!

Since then, he's been writing all weekend. I took advantage of it and dusted off a workbook I had and had him work on writing some numbers, as well.

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