Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Memories

Is there anything specific that evokes a wonderful memory or memories for you?
For me, its a cheap flour sifter.
When I was a little girl, for the first 4.5 glorious years of my life, I was the only child, the only niece, and the only grandchild. On all sides of the family. Holla!
My parents worked, so I spent a lot of time being cared for by my gramma (my mom's mama) and my auntie (my mom's sista), who still lived at home at the time.
I have such wonderful memories of the time I spent at my gramma's house and it makes me sad to think that perhaps, now that my papa is gone, she may move out of the house.
But I digress.
I spent a lot of time baking with her. One of my jobs was to sift the flour.  A very important job, you know.
Another important task that she taught me early on was how to iron. She had me ironing tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs (her pretty embroidered flowery ones and my papa's plain white ones), and sheets. Come to think of it, I am not sure if my gramma was anal retentive or trying to keep me busy.
Their house was always a place that brought me instant comfort.  I loved spending the night there.  I loved all the attention that was bestowed on me. Me me me (that's right, baby).  I am so appreciative of that time I got to spend.  And I am so grateful that my kids got to meet their great-grandparents (Aidan, especially, establishing a  special bond with my papa) and that both my grandmas are around for them to this day.

I hope that someday, my kids look back and have some fond memories, too. Not just memories of electronic crap. You know?

DIY Curtains

I was so excited to make curtains for my kitchen. It took me forever and a day to pick out the "perfect" fabric, and I finally found it...Blossom, by Vicki Payne for Free Spirit. I got it from my local fabric shop that sells fun and funky stuff, Drawstring Studio

I love laying the fabric out and the sound of cutting it, as scared as I am of effing up.

I chose to sew it because there's just something about a perfect seam versus using hem tape.  It just looks professional and real.
I love the smell of my sewing machine when its loudly humming away.  I love when I get something right.
I do not, however, love when I screw up.  That hem tape would have come in handy.  Despite using a worksheet from a book on how to measure for curtains, they were the wrong length.  Crap crap crap.  Thankfully, we can fix the issue by moving down the rod.  And at the end, I can always yank out the bottom 4" hem and make it a bit smaller.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mindless Musings

I am thinking of buying a pair of TOMS.  My frugal side won't buy them because they are over $15 and I don't know what the quality of them is like, I don't know how they fit, and I don't know how comfy they are.

I found these at Target today. They were comfy! What? Come again?!! Of course, they were not in my size. Sigh. I need to find $50 worth of crap to buy online because I refuse to pay shipping. Hrm.

My 7 year old daughter has an obsession with lifting up the skirts and peeking down/into the shirts of mannequins, checking to see if they are wearing panties or bras. They never are. She wonders why.

Speaking of mannequins...what's up with Forever 21? Is there a method to their orgazational madness? Because, crud, I just want to go in and find a small, white button down shirt. Why can't they all be in one place? WHY? Why must they have 5 different locations? Perhaps, if it was better organized, then they could afford to have more sales associates at the register, instead of 1 and a long line. Because that's annoying. Or is that only my F21? 
And did you know that F21 has a 90210 tank top?!! Fo reals.
I love me some old skool 90210.

While I am on the subject of TV, tell me I am not the only Teen Mom 2 addict? Why am I drawn in to that garbage? That's the only 'reality' show I watch.  And man...  its trash.  Like, when will Jenelle "get" it? And why do Jo's parents allow him to talk to Kailyn like he does? Make that boy have some respect for the human kind! For women! Shiz...for his baby mama! Step up!


What I Wore Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another linkup of 'what i wore' attempt to put myself together each day and not just slop myself into my yoga pants and hooded sweatshirt like i really want to when i am only running to the grocery or library. 

I am not so sure how I feel about this bright red on me. I kinda wish I had gotten the white w/ red stripes. Maybe I'll get the white w/ navy...

shirt-F21 :: jeans-Target :: necklace-Superhero Designs :: earrings-Clare's (found while shopping for bunny earrings for my girlie) :: freckles- all me

dress (worn as shirt)-F21 :: jeans-F21 :: necklace-Cookie Lee :: trusty boots-Target

jeans-F21 :: dress-Target (from consignment) :: tank-Walmart :: cardi-Target :: ballet shoes-Kohl's :: necklace-Walmart

Date night! Dinner at a new place downtown called INdustri cafe.I had snagged a groupon for $15 for $30. Anything as an excuse to go somewhere new that sounds yummy! I had the most divine PB&J (don't judge!) made w/ homemade cashew butter and homemade berry jam and topped w/ homemade kettle chips. Hello calories! So worth it.  We followed that up with a comedy show at Comedy Sportz (see posed photo w/ stuffed horse).
The sitter was already here when I snapped these on the sly in my room.
tank and cardi-Old Navy :: skinnies-Kohls :: necklace-Cookie Lee :: shoes-Miss Sixty from consignment boutique {these shoes say, "call me a bitch again and I'll pee on your leg". I didn't realize that till after I bought them. I just about died!}

Spring Break! Holla! 
We hit the public museum and then Whole Foods for lunch and some restocking of the fridge and pantry.
shirt-Old Navy :: jeggings (dreaded word) and boots-Target :: necklace-Superhero Designs

Right before I met with my stylist. tee hee.

jeans-Target :: shirt-TJ Maxx (or Marshalls?) :: cute new orange wedges-Banana Republic from consignment boutique :: oh shoot -you can't see my cool necklace that I got from a now defunct local boutique. next time.

I am excited to post some new ideas in the next few weeks that the stylist gave me!  

As always, I am linking up with Lindsay, from The Pleated Poppy, who is also celebrating her 4th blogiversary this week!!

By the way, I so desperately need a new pair of black ballet flats.  But no time to go on the hunt. Recommendations for cute and comfy, anyone?? 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can I get a heck yeah?

I won! I am a winner! Winner winner, chicken dinner, baby!!!!
Recently, April at Funky Vintage Lovely was giving away a $25 giftcard for Bonhomie Jewelry. And you're looking at the winner! I am pretty sure I want the 'sweetheart charm', but I need to look at all her stuff again.  Because I like a lot of the custom charm necklaces.  Decisions, decisions!!!!  I am also pretty certain I want a necklace from Funky Vintage Lovely.  I just need to decide -- a flower (grey mum? turquoise peony?) or a LaLaLovely necklace. Hrm.....

Today I had my style consult with, ahem, my stylist. Ok. So she's not mine. But she was mine for 90 minutes.  And I will certainly use her again!  She was won-der-ful. And very, very insightful.  With my permission, she purged the pieces that needed to go. And then she put together some outfits for me, honing in on spring/summer tops and how to layer them for this weather and also pieces I wasn't sure what to do with.  I now feel more confident about my wardrobe and I also feel like its much more versatile. I am so happy I did this!!!  Now I just need to replace a few things...nothing too pricey, thankfully.  Just some capris mostly and a pair of khakis.  And of course, there's the yearly replacement of the white tees and some of the ribbed tanks. Its all good.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Five Senses Monday

Sadie at {simply delicious} did a Five Senses post today and I decided that I am copying her using her as inspiration for today's post.

Hot, yummy, warm, hazelnut coffee. And pumpkin spice scented candle. Both an attempt to make me feel warm.

A messy, messy house. The kids are on Spring Break and the house looks like a disaster lived in. Plus there is displaced stuff all over the foyer and our room while hubs finishes the closet.
My kids playing. Getting along? Say it is not so. Happy noises.  My dog, pacing, because its the dinner hour.

Coffee (decaf). A dark, french roast. Yum. With a nice blend of half and half and some chemically enhanced hazelnut creamer.

Happy. We had a good day. First day of Spring Break - we hit the public museum
And then Whole Foods for lunch and some grocery shopping. We all had fun. 
Overwhelmed. Yesterday's discovery of mold and some underlying water issue is stressing me out.
Excited. Tomorrow we're taking the kids to an indoor waterpark for the day. AND I am escaping for a few hours by myself in the afternoon because I have my wardrobe consultation!

By the way...check out Sadie's Blog. She's creative, inspiring, and girl can get it done! She did an awesome Anthro inspired bedroom on her own! And her babygirl is super adorable. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am a natural blonde. Natural in the sense that when I was younger, my hair was a gorgeous shade of blonde. 
 {don't be jealous. you know you lurve the prairie style outfit, the orange shag... all of it.  70's man. 70's.}

And then somewhere, around age 18-20, it started turning an ugly dishwater color and I had to chemically enhance it to keep it looking its natural blonde.

I've swayed off course a few times.
I've been a light-auburnish

I've been caramel-y
A deeper shade of brown
and even darker...
And now I am blonde. And I've been blonde for awhile.
{i miss my long hair}

{my friends are fabulous}

I am thinking of going dark again. A bit of a change before my hair grows a tad longer. 
Thoughts?  Opinions?

The one where things don't go as planned

I have a closet that I have hated for years. And years. And well, since we moved into this house.  Its a closet that is in my bedroom, but that also shares a door on the backside with the foyer, which makes it the coat closet (wth?).  I will post before and after pics on when its done. Because the hubs is currently making it fabulous.

But in the meantime, earlier today as I was removing everything from said closet, he commented on a suspicious crack in it and I commented on the bubbled paint that was opposite it, in our room, that's been that way for about a year now.  He handed me a crowbar and away I went.  The paint came off -several colors of it - in big sheets.  Exposing this.
That's actually black.  Nice, huh?
Now, I am pretty sure that the walls were not that peachy-beige color when we moved in. So I can't be certain how long its been like that. But I would think we would have noticed it when we painted the room, right?
The good thing is that the wall was not wet. The mold was not wet.  But it smelled.  And dang, I have a headache.
The bad thing? We have no idea where the water is coming from. An ice dam last year? Soffits? Do we need to tear off the plaster and lathe? I hope not. If its fixable from the outside, can I just bleach what's been exposed and then can we seal the wall?  I have no idea, but right now, I am cursing my 1920's house.

Say what?

Date Night. 
Use your imagination for a caption on this one.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


My son is 9. NINE.  And I witnessed him flirting. FLIRTING! This morning, my daughter's 6 year old friend came down to breakfast and as she sat down, Aidan said, "hey there, shorty.", complete with a Joey {friends} chin lift and how YOU doin' eye squint.


Rolling in some self-pity here. And I need to get my ass up out of it and do something about it. Yeah - I got some nice comments about me not needing spanx and being able to wear leggings and whatnot. But here's the thing: I am skinny fat. And I seriously do not feel good about myself right now and need to stop feeling bad and start feeling good. I came across these photos last week while looking for a specific photo:

 San Antonio '05

Austin '05
 {i look kinda weird b/c i am leaning back}

Austin '07
Those capris don't fit right now. Sigh.
That was fall 2005, people. 2005. That was 2 years after having TWINS and 3.5 years after having my first baby.  I thought that perhaps I was blessed with good genes. I was on the move all the time, but not exercising excessively and just eating normally.  And crap, when I started running, I had to eat more because I was losing too much weight.

And now? I wallow in self pity. Because now I am skinny fat.  I would not expose my tummy. My tummy dun-lop over my jeans without those spanx (is that called muffin top?)  No abs. Sigh.

What happened? I got sick last winter/spring. Bronchitis. Then pneumonia. Then epstein-barr.  I stopped working out with that string of illness. And then I don't know. I just don't know.  Did the Lexapro make me gain? Was the Wellbutrin helping keeping it off? What I do know is that I know I have to be healthy and do something about it. Because if I allow myself to wallow in pity, I will do something stupid and fall back into former bad habits. Because if you've ever had a bad habit, you know that bad habits die hard.

For over 10 years I had an eating disorder. And the diaticians, the psycologists...they all told me what I needed to hear. That I would slowly kill myself if I didn't knock it off. But did that stop me? Nope. Because it took me, making up my mind, that enough was enough and I would do it.

And you know what? Those desires to just fall back into those habits. To have control over that part of my life again? Its so easy just to do it. But I won't. I won't take the easy way out.  I am getting my ass up and am going to get that body back, hot damn!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

On this sunny, chilly Thursday,  I'm linking up with Sydney of The Daybook who, each week, hosts Awkward and Awesome Thursday.  If you haven't checked out The Daybook yet, take a gander on over.  Sydney is funny, too cute, and has serious fashion sense (best wardrobe I've ever seen on a student, yo.)

*My obsession with watching the trainwreck that is Teen Mom 2.
*Walking around the store yesterday, not realizing that my spanx were causing my pants to slide down and I was inadvertantly exposing said spanx to the store as I was bending over. Woot.
*My hair that is overdue for a trim/style/color.

*Conferences with the teachers when they tell you that your kids rock the hizzy
*Getting emailed love notes from your kids, signed with tons of 'xoxoxox'
*Smitten Kitchen's chocolate stout cake recipe. OH YUM.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Well, temporarily, at least.  I'm trying to stay positive.  And I think this little girl is so cute, inside and out.

And just for kicks, these 2 are pretty cute, as well...
 {a very rare moment these days}
{my newly minted 9 year old and one of his b-day gifts. he loves non-fiction. and weather}

What I Wore Wednesday

hey lovely ladies!  welcome to another week of exercise to keep myself accountable. to inspire me to get out of those comfy, warm jammies and sweats everyday and take a little extra time to actually get dressed and think about what i am putting on myself.  its the brainchild of the oh-so-cute and talented lindsey of the pleated poppy

Warm weather abounds!!!!

 {I am squinting. That's not an attempt at at 'come hither' look}
 Shirt/cardi/jeans/shoes/belt - Target (i heart Target)
necklaces- Bloomingdales (short) and Payless shoe store (long)

The snow melted! The snow melted! Hooray!!!!

cardi-F21 ::tanks/leggings/boots- Target :: scarf-Charlotte Russe ::glasses (Rx)-Prada

Rain, Rain, Go Away! (and cold, pounding, whipping rain, at that. Boo)
shirt-F21 :: cardi & boots-Target :: jeans- Kohls :: scarf- consignment boutique :: flower pin- Anthro :: earrings- Cookie Lee

Ok, I need to know...are leggings, when worn plain and not under a skirt or dress, acceptable? Or does it look like I am giving up? Because I feel very self-conscious, but comfy.  And frankly, it took me a long time to embrace the legging, since the last time I wholly embraced them, it was the 90's and I was in high school and early college and pegged pants were popular (annnd now I just aged myself).

And now I am going to get personal.  Over the past year (12 mos), I've gained approx. 10lbs.  As usual, when I gain weight, I gain around my middle and in my breasts.  When I had babies? Hello....DD. I was ridiculous. So I feel the need to point out that I have these girls that I recently bought new support systems for and was astounded to find I went up 2 cup sizes.  No wonder I feel like such a hoochie mama when I wear tank tops to the kids school! When exactly did I start to feel so modest? I don't know, but I don't exactly like showing off the girls. They can go away, for all I care.  Hopefully the 1/2 marathon training will force me to buy new foundations in a smaller size.  And ditch the spanx I just bought. Because man... those things seriously made me almost lose an arm!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


No, not me. But I want to promote a friend's business (and I promise this is my last post of the night).  And its not because she's a friend. Its because she has awesome taste in fabric and makes some cute, hip clothing for little humans.

Alyson from Eisley Rae is hosting a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to her shop!! Any item of your choosing for your little lady or lad! How awesome is that?

Alyson has made my little lady some cute stuff
like these ruffle pants

{and she's so cool that she sent me scraps so I could applique a shirt or two to match}
and this peasant top
I've had custom clothes made for my wee ones before and often times, unfortunately, quality is compromised. But not with Eisley Rae. She does a professional job and she uses high quality materials.
So go on over to Eisley Rae and check her giveaway out, yo.  It'll be worth your time...I promise.

The one where I hold myself accountable...

I have been forever perusing blogs, bookmarking all these super cool things to do to my home.  Have I done them? Ummmm... no.
Tomorrow through Friday I am putting myself on a crackdown, and I am posting this to hold myself accountable.  I *will* get the following 3 things done:
*dining room chairs re-upholstered
*curtains made for the kitchen
*throw pillows made for our bed

If I finish these things, then I can move onto 3 other things I have marked:
*mustard cardi embellishment/refashion
*black shirt refashion, inspired by Anthropologie shirt I tried on, but was too cheap to buy, so I took photos of it, instead. 
 *flower necklaces
*Easter skirt for my girlie, from 4 super cool navy/white/green fabrics I got.

And then, when I finish that, I will treat myself with:
some fabric I want to coordinate w/ the pillows I just made for the LR, to cover 2 more pillows
these cool kicks. I saw them at Kohl's today. They're Lauren Conrad and pretty comfy and make my legs look cute.