Monday, March 21, 2011

A Tint of Green: A Fun Family Weekend

As previously mentioned, we took a little trip to Chicago for the weekend to enjoy some R&R and take in the St. Paddy's Day parade that the city puts on every year.  We love us some green river.

Friday was sunny and mild. Sunday? Similar. Saturday? Blustery, whipping winds.  Ahhh...the midwest.  We were freezing! But so is life.

{My chilly Taitertots getting a closer view of the green river}

{En-route to the parade....Mama, daddy and the Taitertots overlooking the Chicago River and downtown}

{"Car's got a lotta pickup"...please tell me I am not old and that everyone remembers this movie} 
After the parade, Elliott felt sick. Hrm. Could it have been the chocolate sunflower seeds daddy let him have at 9am? The chips? Or the hot chocolate? Or ingested swimming pool water? Who knows.  I took the twinadoes back to the hotel while Hubs and Aidan went to Mr. Beef...winner of The Travel Channel's Food Wars.
{Aidan with Mr. Beef }

When they returned, I took my girlie for some American Girl shopping!  We had Lanie's hair did, ears pierced, and got her some new threads.
Girlie was a trooper...she didn't complain a wink while I made her go through the sales racks at Anthro and peruse Nordstrom Rack, too.  

Our final evening, we were so tired from the fresh air and couldn't decide on dinner, so we just hoofed it to Heaven on 7th. A place all of us like. Who doesn't like anything to do with New Orleans? 

{If you haven't taken note, they have various hot sauces on the table. And my kids can read. So yeah...they certainly got a kick out of that. Ha ha. HA.}
{two of my loves}

We did a lot of fun stuff.  It was fun to hang with the fam for the weekend and get away from home life.

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