Friday, March 18, 2011

Awesome tutorial!

I came across this tutorial posted on Tatertots and Jello (by the way, isn't that a funky name for a blog? I like it).  She had a guest poster, Valerie from The Crafters File Box, post a tute on how to change an everyday handbag into a stylin' camera bag! Fo reals!

This is totally something I could do.  And want to do.  I have a giant sling bag for my camera, but its not something I like carting around everywhere. Because its giant. And well, its not exactly stylin'.  If I want to bring my camera along somewhere with one extra lens (or not) and chuck my glasses and wallet and keys inside, this would totally be my answer!  Especially since, let's face it, the bags that are targeted to ladies are pretty damn pricey, if I do say so myself.  Sure, you want to invest in a bag, since your camera gear is worth it, but I am frugal when it comes to certain things and it is really hard for me to jusitfy spending $170-$300 on a bag that I may deem out of style a year from now. That's just how I roll.

Check it out - how Valerie transformed this cute TJ Maxx purse into a stylin' camera bag!!  You know you want to!

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sheila said...

That is a great tutorial! I can't wait to see your new camera bag.