Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Crazy is as Crazy does...

I would not consider myself "athletic".  I love yoga and I work out because I have discovered that with age comes The Undesirables.  I go through fits and spurts. Before children, I would work out twice a day, M-F at my beloved Y, taking Body Pump, Kickboxing, and Pilates, as well as general cardio and weights.  Insert lag.  Then for about 2 years once the twins were almost 2, I was a pretty avid runner. I was quite proud of myself. I think I made it to 7 miles.  Then I gave it up when I just couldn't stop losing weight (woe are the days).  And then I did a super short triathlon because a friend asked me to and well, I figured it was something to cross off my bucket list.  And when it was over?  All those people who were all "OMGoodness! That's so exhilirating! I am tired and hit a wall, but I. Feel. Great! WOOO! I can't wait to do another!!!!" - those people? Yeah...that wasn't me. Nope. I was the one who was glad she did it, but hated every waking moment of the pure misery of it.  Yep.
Being told to get the scowl off my face and pose for a group photo. It was July and it was COLD!
 Freezing and scared
 Almost done!! Team Tri Donkai representin'! I had people braying at me the whole run.
 Crossing the finish. DONE!
And then I went home and slept for several hours.

NYE 2008 I made a pact w/ friends (same damn crazy ones + husbands) to do a half-marathon last May (May '10).  I trained and made it to roughly 8mi or so when I had to quit. I had bronchitis. Then pneumonia. Then I tested positive for the Epstein-Barr virus.  I was so tired I couldn't function. I needed to get better. So I dropped out.
My husband finished, though! As did those other crazies :)

This year, he decided that he's not getting younger and he wanted to do it once, so he signed up for the full. I thought he was crazy insane nutso.  
But then?
Last night?
In a moment of pure insanity, I registered for my first half-marathon.
I am signed up to do the inaugural Summerfest Rock n Sole Half-Marathon

Hold me now. I am shakin' in my boots. 
My training officially starts mid-April, but I am going to get a jump start on it, just because I feel like I need extra time. 

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