Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The one where I hold myself accountable...

I have been forever perusing blogs, bookmarking all these super cool things to do to my home.  Have I done them? Ummmm... no.
Tomorrow through Friday I am putting myself on a crackdown, and I am posting this to hold myself accountable.  I *will* get the following 3 things done:
*dining room chairs re-upholstered
*curtains made for the kitchen
*throw pillows made for our bed

If I finish these things, then I can move onto 3 other things I have marked:
*mustard cardi embellishment/refashion
*black shirt refashion, inspired by Anthropologie shirt I tried on, but was too cheap to buy, so I took photos of it, instead. 
 *flower necklaces
*Easter skirt for my girlie, from 4 super cool navy/white/green fabrics I got.

And then, when I finish that, I will treat myself with:
some fabric I want to coordinate w/ the pillows I just made for the LR, to cover 2 more pillows
these cool kicks. I saw them at Kohl's today. They're Lauren Conrad and pretty comfy and make my legs look cute.

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heather said...

Those shoes are adorable! I tried on a similar style at Target yesterday but they were slingback and I didn't see that going well. The ankle strap is much cuter/safer!