Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahh...the sweet sounds of school....

Tonight we had Aidan's meet-the-teacher/classroom orientation gig. His teacher is brand-spankin-new to the school, so I do have to say I was a tad apprehensive, but not anymore. She seems very nice (and young!), but she was so very uber organized. His classroom looks like a lot of fun. Its hard to imagine him in school all day - 8:30-3:20! That's a long day! He's so excited to use his new school bag and lunch bag and his special insulated thermos that we picked out --he was over the moon when I explained how it keeps milk & water cold, but will also keep spaghetti or soup hot.
I was happy to find out that we'll be able to come to his classroom on the 1st day and see him off. But after that, no dice. Which is ok.
And looking at his schedule, they have all these fun things: PE 3x/wk, art & music & library all 2x/wk.
Its all so exciting! It seems like he born just yesterday . How can this be?!?!


There is no word to describe her better. I love my girl to pieces and I suspect she gets a bit of her temprament from her mama and I hope that some of the things I see as negatives now, end up being positive things down the line. Her whining that never ever ends because she won't give in? Hopefully that just means that she will stick to something and has drive. Right?
I do worry about her and school, though. If the teacher tells her no, will she pull what she does at home and whine until I pick her up, being a little brat for the rest of the morning?

Little Fisherman

Aidan loves to go fishing with his Papa and anyone else who will join them. Earlier this summer, they went and he actually caught 13 fish!* He's still talking about it with great pride in his voice.

*Take note that he will not touch bait or the fish. He's terrified of them.

So last weekend, he was obsessed with sitting in Papa's little fishing boat and "rowing" it. He's never been in it...they always fish in the pontoon boat. We decided to let grandpa take him for a little spin in it. He was all smiles when they left the pier, but you can see his death grip on the seat.

My Little Fishes

These 2 are going to start private swim lessons next week. The lessons go for 15 weeks, 1x/wk. I bet that by the end, they are swimming 2-3 feet on their own. They are fearless little fish!


Ain't love grand?

Daddy's Little Helper

Can he fix it?

Yes he can!

The end of t-ball season

It was amazing to see how far Aidan came over the course of the t-ball season. His running, however, still needs quite a bit of work. You'd think that, of all things, would come naturally. Apparently not.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tiny Dancer

Summer is just about over. Aidan has finished t-ball. Summer playground is over. Elliott completed swim lessons. And Norah finished dance and had her "recital". I was so proud of her and she was so cute. She may not listen at home all that often, but she paid attention in class. My big girl.

She enjoyed it so much that we've decided to continue with dance this fall/winter. She's going to be taking a real ballet/tap class. She is so stinkin' excited about her "new dance class"!

Here are a few photos of my ballerina

stretching before dancingVideo. First one is the dance they learned. Second is some of the moves they practiced over the summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Fun!

Well I've been quite the slacker.

We've had a busy few weeks, filled with fun things like camping at Devils Lake (ok, maybe that wasn't quite as fun as we had hoped, especially since daddy thought it was ok to let them play with the campfire. But we won't go there), a weekend trip "up north" (as we say in WI) with some friends, a day trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park, and another day trip to the Shedd Aquarium. Busy Busy Busy!! But lots of fun before the school year starts!

Here are a few photos....
What camping is all about - swimming
building sandcastles -

and eating s'mores-

My daughter is fearless when it comes to water.

Enjoying some rides at the amusement park.