Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahh...the sweet sounds of school....

Tonight we had Aidan's meet-the-teacher/classroom orientation gig. His teacher is brand-spankin-new to the school, so I do have to say I was a tad apprehensive, but not anymore. She seems very nice (and young!), but she was so very uber organized. His classroom looks like a lot of fun. Its hard to imagine him in school all day - 8:30-3:20! That's a long day! He's so excited to use his new school bag and lunch bag and his special insulated thermos that we picked out --he was over the moon when I explained how it keeps milk & water cold, but will also keep spaghetti or soup hot.
I was happy to find out that we'll be able to come to his classroom on the 1st day and see him off. But after that, no dice. Which is ok.
And looking at his schedule, they have all these fun things: PE 3x/wk, art & music & library all 2x/wk.
Its all so exciting! It seems like he born just yesterday . How can this be?!?!

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Woman who knits said...

Look at all the posts!!! I can't believe that Aidan's such a grown up little man now!!!!

All the pictures are just great. I love the twins swimming together. they look so happy.