Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Your Child To Work Day

Hopefully Aidan had/is having more fun than his expression shows here. lol.
I'll have to come back and talk about what they did today. I can't remember what was on the agenda.


Yes, he had a fantastic time. They started the day with photos, and activity, and a welcome, and the kids were divided into groups. First they did a service activity (making no-sew blankets to donate), then the all-important snack break, then on to marketing, where they learned how to make a logo. From there, they moved on to a teamwork activity (I think he said they played the card game, War), and they finished up with technology, where they did an emailing activity. Then lunch with dad and a big ole goody bag to take home.

When I went to pick him up, he gave me that, "WTF you doin' here?" look. I am sure part of it was the novelty of being in dad's office is pretty cool. But the other part? He was borrowing another child's Nintendo DS. Which he pines for on a weekly basis. Which Mean Mama won't buy him.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How does one "accidentally" do that?


We're at the school playground. Elliott approaches me and tugs at my arm. "Mommy? Can I tell you a secret?"

He goes on to say, "I accidentally bit J. I am sorry. I didn't mean to."

Maybe 15 minutes later, after a chat and apology, S says, "he bit me and hit me, too."


How does a 5-and-a-half year old ACCIDENTALLY bite someone?! Twice? WTF?

Elliott is spending some quality time in his bedroom right now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Discovering the World...

During spring break we headed on over to Discovery World, our newly relocated science & technology museum and aquarium on the lake. I had been there twice before, but it was for adult formal events, sans kids. This time was much different (and not just because I didn't have a glass of wine in hand). This place is so freaking cool. WOW. There is just soooo much to see and do.

The kids were moving too fast for me to take decent photos, and they were also moving so fast that it was often hard to really check out an exhibit. But that's ok....we're members now and will be going back again. And again.

Girl hoisting Boy

Girl hoisting Boy
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little vermicomposters

Promising Picasso

Promising Picasso
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Its been awhile since the kids painted. I think I banished the paints when I discovered the ottoman was painted green. And it didn't come out.

The kids have been begging to paint lately. So I managed to find some really crusty watercolors. They're watercolors - of course they worked. And the kids created several masterpieces until we ran out of paper.

That's How Its Done!

Watching the dye work
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Look at her intent stare. All, "woah. what's going on in there?" Maybe she's thinking about how we're tainting the pretty white eggs with dye. Maybe she was overcome with vinegar fumes. Maybe she was analyzing the composition of the dye. Or maybe she was thinking about cats.
Who knows.

The Awful Egg Hunt

Aidan at egg hunt
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He's anticipating the hunt. Excited, kind of nervous, but also thinking that this will be all easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.
Yeah. Not so much.

The horn blew and 100 7-9 year olds ran for the hills, grabbing every egg in sight. Aidan's not the fastest runner, and well, the next thing I knew, he turned and stopped and started bawling. "I. can't. get. any........ "

A Little Easter Lovin'

Easter Lovin
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Do you know that its really almost impossible to take a posed picture of 3 kids?
Also...its impossible to get your husband to finish your fireplace mantle after 3 years. (I love you, honey).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I come in peace....

These boys and those light sabers.
Santa brought them. Santa was veeeery generous, because mama? She loathes those light sabers. And in the morning and late evening when light sabers are off limits? Then oh-so-slyly any object will morph into a light saber.
However annoying, the boys are pretty fun to watch. They have it down to a real art. Right down to the noise.

Oh..."I come in peace". That's a new one. Elliott busted it out in the car on Thursday. He told me that he came in peace. Really? Oh, ok. That's good to know.

Lets get this party started!!!

On Friday...sunny, 70's, just a gorgeous day....we started our seeds. Veggies, fruit, and flowers. They're all planted and we're anxiously waiting their arrival. Once they are big and strong, we'll plant the veggies in our garden and the strawberries will be hanging this year. Not buying any annuals...these are it for my pots and empty spaces. I am most excited about the wildflowers Aidan picked out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Misc. Funnies and Observations

Yesterday, Norah said to Chris, "daddy, I fed Sauce today!" (Sauce is her Webkinz cat). To which Chris replied to her and me, "Good, because the other day, Sauce was pretty much dead. You almost killed her. Her food was on 1 and her health was on 10. She had a big ole' ice pack on her head. You have to feed the cat, Norah. You can't just buy her crap to keep cluttering up her room."

Norah looked at him and said, "but daddy. I bought her some cute shorts for Spring!"

Ahhh. Priorities. Mama's girl. heh heh.


Yesterday on the way to Aidan's 7 year checkup (51lbs, 49"....tall and average weight...failed the eye exam. Sigh.), Aidan said, "Mommy? Is the Easter Bunny real? Or is it just a human in a bunny costume?" As I heard him say that, i realized what a ridiculous concept the Easter Bunny is. I mean, Santa? Sure. He's a guy. Tooth Fairy? Sure. A person. But a bunny? Come on. So I asked him what he thought and he said he thought it was a human dressed as a bunny. To which Elliott objected vehemently! "The Easter Bunny is not a HUMAN! How can it be a HUMAN, when its a BUNNY?! A bunny is not human, Aidan." (you could hear the "duh" in his voice). So I said, "Well, maybe the Easter Bunny is more of a spirit? Kinda like how you think of God?" And Norah says, "The Easter Bunny is God? WOW!"
Ok. Guess my point was lost. lol.


Norah and Elliott could not be any more different. I have to remind myself that as fraternal twins, they really are no more than siblings who shared my body for 7 months.
Norah's independent as all getup. Walk her to her class line or class in the morning? Forget about it. "I can do it mommy. Goodbye." No kiss! Just a kiss blown to me! Sheesh. Whereas Elliott will not walk to his line, or if late, will not walk to his classroom alone. He will jump at the chance to try to stay home with me (*cough cough* I am sick . I need to stay home.) He's the obediant quiet little boy in class, who, when I am working in his classroom, comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses. Norah? Girl will not even look at me.

Yesterday at Aidan's doctor appt, the pediatrician called her a court reporter. She would not stop yapping about everyone and everything. What mommy cooks, what grade they are in, where they go to school, what they did today, that her and "eddie" were born on the same day, their teachers names, that she wants to be a vet, but only for cats, puppies, birds, and bunnies. Etc. This girl has had more playdates this school year than both my boys combined. Ever.