Friday, April 10, 2009

Misc. Funnies and Observations

Yesterday, Norah said to Chris, "daddy, I fed Sauce today!" (Sauce is her Webkinz cat). To which Chris replied to her and me, "Good, because the other day, Sauce was pretty much dead. You almost killed her. Her food was on 1 and her health was on 10. She had a big ole' ice pack on her head. You have to feed the cat, Norah. You can't just buy her crap to keep cluttering up her room."

Norah looked at him and said, "but daddy. I bought her some cute shorts for Spring!"

Ahhh. Priorities. Mama's girl. heh heh.


Yesterday on the way to Aidan's 7 year checkup (51lbs, 49"....tall and average weight...failed the eye exam. Sigh.), Aidan said, "Mommy? Is the Easter Bunny real? Or is it just a human in a bunny costume?" As I heard him say that, i realized what a ridiculous concept the Easter Bunny is. I mean, Santa? Sure. He's a guy. Tooth Fairy? Sure. A person. But a bunny? Come on. So I asked him what he thought and he said he thought it was a human dressed as a bunny. To which Elliott objected vehemently! "The Easter Bunny is not a HUMAN! How can it be a HUMAN, when its a BUNNY?! A bunny is not human, Aidan." (you could hear the "duh" in his voice). So I said, "Well, maybe the Easter Bunny is more of a spirit? Kinda like how you think of God?" And Norah says, "The Easter Bunny is God? WOW!"
Ok. Guess my point was lost. lol.


Norah and Elliott could not be any more different. I have to remind myself that as fraternal twins, they really are no more than siblings who shared my body for 7 months.
Norah's independent as all getup. Walk her to her class line or class in the morning? Forget about it. "I can do it mommy. Goodbye." No kiss! Just a kiss blown to me! Sheesh. Whereas Elliott will not walk to his line, or if late, will not walk to his classroom alone. He will jump at the chance to try to stay home with me (*cough cough* I am sick . I need to stay home.) He's the obediant quiet little boy in class, who, when I am working in his classroom, comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses. Norah? Girl will not even look at me.

Yesterday at Aidan's doctor appt, the pediatrician called her a court reporter. She would not stop yapping about everyone and everything. What mommy cooks, what grade they are in, where they go to school, what they did today, that her and "eddie" were born on the same day, their teachers names, that she wants to be a vet, but only for cats, puppies, birds, and bunnies. Etc. This girl has had more playdates this school year than both my boys combined. Ever.


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Okay, the Easter Bunny conversation had me laughing out loud--repeatedly!!

~ Sarah

beckley said...

btw, if things don't work out between you and Norah, I totally want her. She's my kind of girl :)

~Anne said...

Whereas Caroline, for all her questioning about Santa, had absolutely no qualms whatsoever about the idea of a giant bunny bringing food to her house. Sure, a man in a suit is apparently suspect, but a giant walking rabbit is perfectly reasonable!