Sunday, April 19, 2009

I come in peace....

These boys and those light sabers.
Santa brought them. Santa was veeeery generous, because mama? She loathes those light sabers. And in the morning and late evening when light sabers are off limits? Then oh-so-slyly any object will morph into a light saber.
However annoying, the boys are pretty fun to watch. They have it down to a real art. Right down to the noise.

Oh..."I come in peace". That's a new one. Elliott busted it out in the car on Thursday. He told me that he came in peace. Really? Oh, ok. That's good to know.


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Did Elliott get "I come in peace" from church?

~ Sarah

Karri said...

I have no idea.
When I asked about it, Aidan chimed in and said that he knew the phrase from the Magic Treehouse books. However, he reads those to himself and I've never heard him say it. So perhaps they talked about it in Sunday School. He doesn't remember. Which is the typical response.