Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I thought I was being a good mom by not letting my kids watch crap like Spongebob, Calilou, and Rugrats (no offense to moms who do, I just think its sassy and too potty-like for us), but low and behold, Aidan managed to memorize some lines from Shrek II. Guess I really need to screen and watch what we say!!!

Aidan: "mommy, whose your one true love?"
Me: "wha? Where'd you learn that?"
A: "Shrek II. Shrek is Princess Fiona's true love."
Me: "oh. That would be daddy and you, peanie and belly."
A: "Mommy, do I have thick, curly locks?"
Me: "well, you have thick locks, but they're not curly."
A:" Do I have a cute button nose and tight, ample buttocks?"
Me: " WHAT? Tight WHAT?"
A: "buttocks. You know, like on your butt."
Me: "nice. Maybe you should take a break from watching Shrek II so much."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

All About Me

I did it! I made my first hat!!!! And I have two people who I really need to thank - Lynn, for being patient with me last week at Stitch n Bitch, when I was all f*d up and she set me straight, and Sheila, for showing me the video on the mattress stitch. Now hopefully Ryan will wear it and the matching scarf :)

She's a character, that's for sure!

Tonight, I was tucking her into bed, and I said, "goodnight, Princess." and she said, "I not princess, I Peanie." and was giggling hysterically. So I said, "goodnight, Peanie." And she said, "no, I a kitty." and added her purr and meow noises. I tell ya, this girl is 100% obsessed with cats. She's going to be like Angela on The Office who has the cat 'Hang in There' poster hanging up, along with all other cute cat paraphanalia. She'll be that freaky cat lady. Oh dear Pete, I hope not!! The other day, she was walking around, strumming her guitar, singing, "meow meow meow! meow meow meow!" Next thing you know, she'lll be singing "Smelly Cat", a la Phoebe Bouffay.

Oh yeah....you can just call her "fragile" Frankie Murman (of Seinfeld). He's the character who, when upset, runs into the woods and digs a hole and sits in it. Like Frankie, Norah, when upset, runs under a table and hides and cries.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I've got some chock-o-lot in my pock-o-lot

Yesterday when we were at Michaels, I tried to sneak a candy bar into my purchases to help curb my chocolate craving. Unfortunately, Aidan saw me. I got off the hook by telling him he had halloween candy left at home and could have some after lunch.

So we're in the car, driving home, and he says, "hey! what's that smell?"
I said,"what smell? I don't smell anything."
He said, "I do. It smells like chocolate."
Meanwhile I am stuffing little pieces of Take 5 into my piehole.
Still in denial, I say, "Nope. I don't smell it."
Aidan said "Yes, I do. I smell delicious chocolate. "

Monday, November 13, 2006

All About Aidan

All boy.

Is this something in their genes?
I mean, WTF?!

If anyone is reading this and even *thinks* for a moment that my boy is going to be gay because he is feeding a doll, I will kick your ass. He is merely practicing his parenting skills early on. He will be a great daddy someday. Boys can play with dolls.

Friday morning we had our conference w/ Aidan's teacher. We got his report card on Thursday and were pretty pleased with it...it was what I thought it would be, for the most part. No surprises. So we went over that, then we went through an assessment she gives all the kids in Oct and in Mar. We got to see a cutting sample that she has them do in Oct/Mar and then also his "me" book....he draws a picture of himself and writes his name every month. He even narrarates it.
Overall, he's doing great...socially, he's thriving. He doesn't have favorite friends and can play with boys or girls and seems well liked by all the kids. He chooses his 'center' during center time by his interests instead of by the kids who are playing there, which is awesome. He's recognizing his numbers. Basically, doing everything he should be. The only issues we have is that he can't seem to answer more abstract questions. Like if she dumps a box of blocks out and says, "how many blocks are there, Aidan?" he'll just look at them and look up and smile. Since preschool, we've had some issues w/ Aidan following directions. Its like you have to restate what you're asking, sometimes showing him what you want him to do. After seeing this show up on the eval in several different areas, we all decided that he should be evaluated by the speech therapist for a possible processing issue. He certainly doesn't have issues expressing, but it would be on the receptive end. Oh well...better to nip in the bud....we can figure this out and how to deal with it. Frankly, I think he's just like his mama....half off in la-la-land 50% of the time.

And now I leave you with the words of a wise man...


Thursday, November 09, 2006

November is Prematurity Awareness Month


November is Prematurity Awareness Month.
Give Hope...
Watch Miracles Happen.

Every year, nearly 500,000 infants are born prematurely. That's roughly comparable to the population of Cleveland.

Preterm delivery can happen to any pregnant woman. And its happening more and more often. And in nearly half the cases, no one knows why.

The March of Dimes is taking on this devastating problem, to find out what causes it and how it can be stopped.
( from www.marchofdimes.com)

All three of mine were wanting out earlier than they were supposed to. Thanks to drugs and some wonderful doctors, Aidan stayed in. The twins managed to hang in there for 4.5 more weeks due to the same amazing doctors, awful meds, and a really uncomfortable hospital bed. They arrived on October 26th, at 30.5 weeks gestation, weighing 3lb 4ozs each.

Call your US Representative today and urge immediate action on the PREEMIE ACT.

BANDING TOGETHER! Purchase a virtual band in honor or in memory of a child who was born prematurely. Your donation will go toward life-saving research.

Good Luck, Baby Sean

We'll be thinking about you tomorrow, Baby Sean.


aidan and the twinadoes

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ode to MOMS Club® International

Just in case anyone random out there is reading this, I would like to say this to MOMS Club® International

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Name Recognition

Norah drew this beautiful picture (a blue seal, or so she said) and Aidan asked me how to spell her name and I spelled it out for him. He wrote it!!!!! I am so stinkin' proud of him. He seems to be able to write out most of his letters with minimal help. KINDERGARTEN ROCKS!

God love the place. I guess we go there too much, because my kids know where it is ("Tah-get dat way!"), point out every Target we see, and every time we run out of something, I get the comment, "got to go to Tah-get and buy some more."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Twinadoes at Turbo Three

Height 37.5" (60%)
Weight 29.5# (36%)
BMI 18%

Height 36" (15%)
Weight 28.5# (15%)
BMI 32%

Healthy as larks, declared Dr. Dorothy!
Elliott is having a hard time with his 3rd year of life (he needs a lifetime supply of cheese to go with his whine), but its all normal.
Potty learning? Fuhgeddaboutit. They want nothing to do with it and I have no desire to push it. Buying diapers sucks ass, but its certainly convienent. Hell, I am still dealing with changing Aidan's sheets several times a week because he is "too tired to get up and go pee pee." Nice. NOT an acceptable excuse, bud.
But I digress. We'll hang onto the dipes for a bit.

And we'll hope that the whining winds down a tad.

Birthday kiss, denied!

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

The kids had a great time trick or treating this past Saturday. Surprisingly, it was my first ToT I've spent with them (bedrest-vacation-vacation), so I've never seen just how nuts the neighborhood gets. People and libations everywhere!
Norah and Elliott got much further than I thought they would. At first, I wasn't sure they'd make it, because they were trying to go into people's houses and were dejecting certain types of candy given to them, demanding other kinds in the bowl instead. They would also sneak a handful while the treater was sticking a treat in their pumpkin. Little stinkers!
Aidan and Taylor took off running and were gone till they could get no more in their buckets. You could say they had a good time.