Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Twinadoes at Turbo Three

Height 37.5" (60%)
Weight 29.5# (36%)
BMI 18%

Height 36" (15%)
Weight 28.5# (15%)
BMI 32%

Healthy as larks, declared Dr. Dorothy!
Elliott is having a hard time with his 3rd year of life (he needs a lifetime supply of cheese to go with his whine), but its all normal.
Potty learning? Fuhgeddaboutit. They want nothing to do with it and I have no desire to push it. Buying diapers sucks ass, but its certainly convienent. Hell, I am still dealing with changing Aidan's sheets several times a week because he is "too tired to get up and go pee pee." Nice. NOT an acceptable excuse, bud.
But I digress. We'll hang onto the dipes for a bit.

And we'll hope that the whining winds down a tad.

Birthday kiss, denied!

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