Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Jenbug posted this on her blog, so I thought, hey! why not?

So, without further ado, here are the questions:

1.  What do you put on your hot dog?
Nada. I don't partake in the dog. And I am not a fan of ketchup for the most part.

2.  Do you play Sudoku?
No. Sadly, I have no desire.
Does nothing for me.
 image source

3.  What is your favorite vegetable?

What isn't my favorite vegetable? I love veggies. Especially those grown in my garden or those from the farmer's market.
mnn. broccoli

Arugula - yum!

4.  Do you color your hair?

Do flies like garbage? Is the ocean wet? Of course I do. I was blessed with beautiful blonde hair as a child

However, as I've gotten older, my hair has turned an ugly mousy ash color. Perhaps it would be ok if it were not so fine and thin and straight. So yeah, I color it. I waver between brown and blonde and everything between.

Mama and Norah Xmas Eve.JPG

5.  What is your favorite brand of clothing?

What I want vs. what is in the budget??  

I love the style of Anthropologie 

and anything from a locally-owned boutique that is more unique.  But my go-to stores that my wallet tolerates are 


 Forever 21

Also, locally we have an awesome consignment boutique that sells all high-end brands. I try and go in there every 1-2 weeks


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can you hear it?

Tesla, that is.
Yes it's only gettin' better, better every day, aha yeah!!
Does that age me?
That's the song that went through my head as I finished sewing on the tie on Ethan's shirt.  I was like, "I got this shiz down, baby! Imma figurin' it out! Yeah!"

We went to the cute baby's 1st birthday party today and so I made him those 3 shirts.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's so close I can taste it!

I live for them.  When you live in a craptastic climate, you kinda have to in order to survive. Unless you like said climate, natch.
Just looking back at some fantastic vacation memories we've been fortunate enough to make.  I wish I had more digital photos, but alas, BC (before child), it was all film. And those are tucked away.  And older digi images, like Cabo, NOLA, AZ, CO, Napa, & Disney with the baby in my belly, aren't even on here. I was fortunate enough to have many of these on Shutterfly.

Young and in love. 
{Twas our honeymoon in Ixtapa. And I was sporting some high waisted shorts and a really nice rack. These back in fashion? The high waist. Not the rack.}

Magical Moments.

{and that, my friends, was our first family vacation. Disney World. 1 week. 3 kids, aged 2 and under. The girls got a raging bout of stomach flu. But it was great}

Visiting Family.
{taken at a RR museum in Sacramento}

5 Years of Wedded Bliss
{The Bahamas. Ahhh. Look at that blue water. Just gorgeous.}

An Oasis.
{the spectacular view of Lake Travis in Austin, TX. we almost moved there. i still pine. sigh.}

Blackjack Queen

{Vegas in August. Love it. Hoover Dam was a bit stifling.}

Whirlwind New England Tour
{we flew into Boston and spent some time there. my kids big red puffy heart the subway}

{and drove to gorgeous Maine, where we spent a good chunk of down time} 

(aka, you promised me we'd vacation every year since we didn't move to Austin)
{Puerto Vallerta}

[cue music] Holiday Row-o-o-o-o-o-o-oad[/music] First Family Major Road Trip

{swamp tour}

Lake Ponchartrain sunset 2

{Lake Pontchartrain}

Jackson Square

{Jackson Square}
I failed to post photos of Memphis (en route to NOLA) and St. Louis (en route home), but they were wonderful.
And this is where it all started. Right here is where he proposed to me. I can't wait to hop a plane and go to Costa Rica with him and celebrate 10 years of being married and just enjoying each other. And relaxing. And warmth. Oh the warmth.
Of course, I will miss those kids, but when we get back, we can plan the next family vaca!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am feeling... ack. My age.

Been surfing blogland today. And I feel (watch out! here it comes!) ... my age. Old.
I always felt like in my mind's eye, I was still 25ish. But I see these 20ish bloggers in all their cuteness, and they are wearing stuff I wore as a teen/young adult. Denim shirts? Check. Jeans rolled? Check. Pleated, tapered pants? Check. Mid-rise jeans? Check. Braided belts? Check. And they [mostly] look cute. But I cannot. I was there. I did that. I am embracing leggings. What more do I need to do?! Ahhhhh!

Let it be known that these? These I cannot embrace. I can wear the skinniest jeans on earth that can look like a legging, but I cannot bring myself to buy these elastic waist things that, hanging up, look like blue jeans my grandma wore (elastic waist? fo reals?).  Who the heck named them, "jeggings" anyway.

Master Bedroom...Whaddya Think?

A few days ago, I posted about our bedroom woes.  Yet no one chimed in. C'mon people...wassup wit dat? I need help. Fo reals!
I got to losing myself in looking at websites and discovered that I did, indeed, really like this comforter from Target. Because as I said, I am so over the whole duvet thing. Done. Finito.

My walls are blue. And according to the reviews on Target's site, this is more mustard-y in person. So we'd fo sho have to paint the walls. And we're ok with that.
Right now (as in, today), this is a 360 of our seriously lacking, cracker box of a MBR. With little pieces of love taped up on the walls/mirror, courtesy of 3 little people:

 {standing in the doorway, looking at my sloppily made bed with the Duvet From Hell. And evidence that a small person slept in my bed last night. And those closet doors. Man how I despise those doors. Off with the doors!!!!}
 {Standing in front of the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed.  Next to the nightstand, jammed in the corner is my tall jewelry/flower/scarf chest}

 {Standing in the closet, looking over the bed at the bureau and mirror}

{looking down from the head of the bed towards the chest of drawers. doorway to the left}

{oh look! the fabric for the dining room chairs that I bought a year ago! pretend you never saw that, mnkay? I love that chair. I would love to reupholster it. I wish I had the proper place for it. I think it would be wonderful at my desk if I had a more girly desk}

So my idea is this... since I can't get rid of the furniture right now, what about painting it?? I thought about black after seeing this

Thoughts? Opinions? Rearrangements? HELP!!!

Reason No. 6,357,231 to move

Where are the steps? And the walkway?

I miss green. Bad. So sick of colorless.

I want warmth. I want color.  If it were warm out, I would be outside, active, doing something. Anything. Instead, I am inside. Huddled up. In a 15 year old sweatshirt and yoga pants and slippers, not motivated to do a darn thing because I am cold. I hate winter. I hate feeling 'blah'.
I want to move!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another week of holding myself accountable!

I don't even remember what I did, except that it wasn't much? I had to run and buy a pre-paid cellphone for Aidan's trip and pack him, so I was pretty much home all day.

Jeans: White House|Black Market, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Cardi: Target

It was colder than I can even explain. -12. I went to school in the morning to stuff the Friday folders that go home w/ the kids and then I hunkered down at home with my pinkeye and sewed all day.  Later on, I baby-sat for a bit for some friends of my kids, then I drove carpool for jiu jitsu and then ended up at a neighbor friend's house (her husband was gone too!) for vino and appetizers and socialization. I kept my kids up waaaay past their bedtime. But they were being so good. And eating all the hershey's kisses in the house. Whoops.
Cardi: Target (little girls xl), Shirt: Target, Jeans: Target, Glasses: Prada (Rx...I had pinkeye. woot)
I swear I don't have a potbelly. It just looks that way.

After we finally got out of our jammies, we met some friends and went to an afternoon matinee of Yogi Bear (totally cute) and out for Pizza at this crazy local place.
 Jeans: Black House|White Market, layered t-shirts: some obscure teeny-bopper brand: Boston Store, Sweater: Target, necklace: Superhero Designs, Shoes (not shown): Born

Packers vs. Bears. And I have nuthin'. ha ha.
We had a belated family holiday gathering. Usually the only time I get to see my dad's cousins and my uncles. I was the sole attendee in non-packer wear. But that's me. Fancy.
And all that crap behind me is because we were walking out the door and I was loaning it to my cousin.
sweater dress: Kohls, leggings: Target, black shirt: target, bracelets: Tiffany & Co, & my charm bracelet since I was a kid, flower: Eisley Rae, (its actually a hairclip that goes w/ my daughter's shirt), earrings (woah! earrings!): Lia Sophia, boots: Rampage (read: cheap).

Kids had off school and my house needed a deep cleaning. We're talking deep.  And a trip to the airport to pick up my Roo.
 Yoga pants: TJ Maxx (Marika, maybe?), tank: Kohls, hoodie: Gap, sneaks: Asics. And look: a ponytail!?

Totally casual. Just came home from the gym and settled in for the day to do some sewing and lots of laundry. Look at the fancy life I lead!
leggings: Target, cardi: Target, tanks: Target, scarf: consignment (because I was friggin' cold), boots: Target

After the gym, I headed to Target to get a filter for the humidifier. They were out of air filters, but I still managed to drop the requisite $200!
Dress: Target, Leggings: Kohls, tank (that you can't see): Costco, boots: Target, necklace: some store in Chicago, 4 years ago.

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