Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bedroom Woes.

I hate my bedroom.
Part of the issue is that we moved here from a home where we had a hulking master bedroom and our furniture (and more) fit just fine in it.  And now? We have this teeny tiny little box of a room. Not much of an oasis.  And I'd be ok with it, except that I do think it important that my bedroom be somewhat of a sanctuary. I need that to sleep. Otherwise I go through bouts of insomnia. And I am not a nice mom or wife (heck, I am not a nice human) when I am operating on 3 hrs sleep and a marathon of Intervention.

We have a 4-ish bedroom home. 2 up, 2 down. We're down, as is the 'den' (formerly the playroom).  The den does not have a door and the doorway was widened, so its not an option.
When we first moved in, we resided upstairs. The thought being that there was no way I could nurse twins (let alone the crying and the sleep apnea monitor) and get up at night after a c-section and do the steps.  Problem was, that left one child needing to be downstairs, alone. No bueno. I did not feel good about that. Nor will I feel good about that when they are teens :)  Also? Our honkin' furniture wouldn't fit up our 1920's curved staircase w/ the low ceiling. Good times.  We could get rid of it, sure. But we do have a new mattress that cost an arm & a leg and there's no split box spring. And the kids. So its not an option.
So we're stuck in our box. And I need to make it an oasis.  I tried with the blue paint. It screamed relaxing to me. But the bedding? I hate. It attracts dog and cat hair like mad.  And I am so over the duvet. I announced to C that last night, when I restuffed the duvet after washing it, that it was the final time. I am so done with that horse and pony routine.
So here's what I've got....

The bedroom is arrange differently than what it is in this photo. Bed is under the window, facing out. Dresser on wall where headboard was in this photo. Highboy still where it is in this photo.

The furniture is that mission style stuff.
Closet doors are a MUST GO. Hate the louvers. Hate them. Need some nice panel ones to match the other ones in the house.
Blue? Not attached. Willing to paint.
Bedding? Any color is an option.
I have one night stand.  I'd like 2. Or a table. And I need some cute lamps to flank the bed.

HELP ME DECORATE. Thriftily.  Ideas?????? I do like some of the Dwell Studio stuff Target has right now. Any comments on the quality?

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