Thursday, January 27, 2011

Master Bedroom...Whaddya Think?

A few days ago, I posted about our bedroom woes.  Yet no one chimed in. C'mon people...wassup wit dat? I need help. Fo reals!
I got to losing myself in looking at websites and discovered that I did, indeed, really like this comforter from Target. Because as I said, I am so over the whole duvet thing. Done. Finito.

My walls are blue. And according to the reviews on Target's site, this is more mustard-y in person. So we'd fo sho have to paint the walls. And we're ok with that.
Right now (as in, today), this is a 360 of our seriously lacking, cracker box of a MBR. With little pieces of love taped up on the walls/mirror, courtesy of 3 little people:

 {standing in the doorway, looking at my sloppily made bed with the Duvet From Hell. And evidence that a small person slept in my bed last night. And those closet doors. Man how I despise those doors. Off with the doors!!!!}
 {Standing in front of the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed.  Next to the nightstand, jammed in the corner is my tall jewelry/flower/scarf chest}

 {Standing in the closet, looking over the bed at the bureau and mirror}

{looking down from the head of the bed towards the chest of drawers. doorway to the left}

{oh look! the fabric for the dining room chairs that I bought a year ago! pretend you never saw that, mnkay? I love that chair. I would love to reupholster it. I wish I had the proper place for it. I think it would be wonderful at my desk if I had a more girly desk}

So my idea is this... since I can't get rid of the furniture right now, what about painting it?? I thought about black after seeing this

Thoughts? Opinions? Rearrangements? HELP!!!


Trish said...

I'm so sorry, but I'm no help. I haven't even decorated my master bedroom and we've been there 6 years. It WILL be the last room we do - I know it.

Like you, I also hated my duvet, so I gave it to Owen for his new bedroom and I have similar hated closet doors.

I do really like that bedding from Target, though, and I think painting the furniture black would look so cool!

Good luck!

beckley said...

black- yup.

and you're going to be shocked to hear this, but I looked at that same duvet a couple months ago. i was looking for a brighter color, for my office/guest, but otherwise loved it.

so i think you're moving in a good direction!

heather said...

Love it! Definitely paint the furniture black (which will give it a completely different look) and maybe gray walls. Love that quilt!!!

And PS, we gave up the duvet about 5 years ago and it was the best thing we ever did! Hated it!

Karri said...

Trish - don't you have the same duvet?

NO WAY, R?! Same taste? Get out!

Heather - that's what I was thinking! A friend showed me this site and it seemed grey was a popular match :)

Anonymous said...

Karri...just found your blog - where have I been??? I think painting the furniture would be a great start to tie everything in together. Love the comforter!