Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am feeling... ack. My age.

Been surfing blogland today. And I feel (watch out! here it comes!) ... my age. Old.
I always felt like in my mind's eye, I was still 25ish. But I see these 20ish bloggers in all their cuteness, and they are wearing stuff I wore as a teen/young adult. Denim shirts? Check. Jeans rolled? Check. Pleated, tapered pants? Check. Mid-rise jeans? Check. Braided belts? Check. And they [mostly] look cute. But I cannot. I was there. I did that. I am embracing leggings. What more do I need to do?! Ahhhhh!

Let it be known that these? These I cannot embrace. I can wear the skinniest jeans on earth that can look like a legging, but I cannot bring myself to buy these elastic waist things that, hanging up, look like blue jeans my grandma wore (elastic waist? fo reals?).  Who the heck named them, "jeggings" anyway.


Trish said...

Oh momma, I am right there with you on all of it!

beckley said...

those are maternity pants.

and i'm fairly certain they're fueled by the same laziness as the lazy blanket thing =)

heather said...

LOL! Seriously took me a long time to embrace the legging again too!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post, and I'm still laughing. I am seriously feeling my age lately too. :-)