Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bathroom Facelift

Years ago, we redid the bathroom. When we bought this 1920's house, someone had already 'updated' the bathroom. Horribly, horribly updated it. There was this paneling on the wall. Only it wasn't a wood paneling. It was a metal, faux wood paneling.

It was glued the wall. And nailed. Fab. The tile that was under it wasn't ceramic tile, though. This photo does not do it justice. No... it was a peachy-colored metal tile.

I know y'all love that light fixture/medicine cabinet.

The husby tiled over the 'tile' and then we picked out a paint color to match the blue in the floor and I found a shower curtain from The Company Store to give the bathroom a pop of color.

Here in the city, if we really wanted to, we could talk to our neighbors through our houses. They're that close together. That's why I've always wanted curtains in the bathroom. In the summer, when the window is open and our neighbor is out in her driveway, I really don't like her being able to see me. Or vice versa. Since I was going to make curtains, I decided to change things up. It was time.

I found this fabulous organic cotton at a LFS, Drawstring Studio. Its Nancy Mims Free to Grow for Robert Kaufman. And I got it on sale on Cyber Monday!!

The grey rug on the floor matches the grey in the curtains. I went w/ a white shower curtain that will hopefully remain white and not covered with dirty handprints and toothpaste. And we did the walls in a really light grey that's in the same color family as the dark grey in the curtain & rug. I like the airy-feel of the room now!!!

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