Friday, January 21, 2011

Git R' Dun!

Today is so bloody cold out and, if subzero temps are not bad enough (-10 anyone?), I have pinkeye. Fabulous.  So what better way to spend the day than staying in the house, sewing?? Yeah, I thought so too. 

I got a few things done...

A cute tie shirt for St. Paddy's Day for my Snoopy lovin' Elliott

A shamrock shirt made from St. Paddy's Hello Kitty fabric for my cat obsessed Norah

And another kitty fabric for the same sweet girl, but for Valentines Day. I also managed to get some more life out of a pair of jeans that she recently wore a hole in.

The other night while the boys were at their Pack meeting, I made this little thing w/ some scrap paper, my Cricut (the Storybook cartridge), and some $1 frames from Mike's...

...while Miss N worked on this canvas to hang over the hole on the wall where I am impatiently waiting for my TV to go (wasn't it supposed to be there in, oh, October?)

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Anonymous said...

I am loving the Snoopy tie, it is too too cute!