Monday, January 17, 2011

White Fluffy Stuff

Today I took the kids sledding. Can you believe that this was the first time I've ever taken the kids sledding alone (as in, this wasn't a family affair? Which I've only done once?) Yeah. I suck. One could say I am not a fan of winter.  I like sledding. Its fun. I like it when the kids have fun. I like skiing and tubing, too.  But being cold I do not enjoy. At all. It makes me cranky and miserable.  And yes, I've lived in this state my entire life. And no, I've never gotten used to the cold. And I don't look cute in a hat, either.

 the boys, trying to smile while getting pelted by snow

 Elliott, as he flew by me

Norah, mad that she missed the "jump" (to the left of the photo) because her aim was off.


heather said...

Agree with every single last thing you said about the cold and snow! UGH!

beckley said...

it was fun. minus the crying child. which was mine =)