Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fly Like An Eagle....

In a few short hours, my first born baby will board a plane for California.  Its not his first flight. Not even his first flight to CA. But this is his first flight without mama. And his first time flying alone.  He'll be flying out with daddy, but then dad has to stay to work and my little guy will come on back.
He's uber excited to see his cousins. He's bursting at the seams.  He adores them and normally only sees them but once a year.
And I thought I was totally cool with this. But when I think about my baby on a plane, with no one but the flight attendants, and then in an airport that is foreign to him (granted, he'll be accompanied by a FA, since we had to pay and its required), but dang. What if the layover turns into a delay (yes, I did buy him a pre-paid cell phone)? What if there's a bunch of turbulance and he is worried? What if he just wants to talk someone's ear off? Because that's what he's good at. Boy was born to talk.
Deep breath.
They certainly do have good timing. Its going to be below 0 tomorrow. Perhaps I'll stow away in his luggage.

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