Friday, January 28, 2011

It's so close I can taste it!

I live for them.  When you live in a craptastic climate, you kinda have to in order to survive. Unless you like said climate, natch.
Just looking back at some fantastic vacation memories we've been fortunate enough to make.  I wish I had more digital photos, but alas, BC (before child), it was all film. And those are tucked away.  And older digi images, like Cabo, NOLA, AZ, CO, Napa, & Disney with the baby in my belly, aren't even on here. I was fortunate enough to have many of these on Shutterfly.

Young and in love. 
{Twas our honeymoon in Ixtapa. And I was sporting some high waisted shorts and a really nice rack. These back in fashion? The high waist. Not the rack.}

Magical Moments.

{and that, my friends, was our first family vacation. Disney World. 1 week. 3 kids, aged 2 and under. The girls got a raging bout of stomach flu. But it was great}

Visiting Family.
{taken at a RR museum in Sacramento}

5 Years of Wedded Bliss
{The Bahamas. Ahhh. Look at that blue water. Just gorgeous.}

An Oasis.
{the spectacular view of Lake Travis in Austin, TX. we almost moved there. i still pine. sigh.}

Blackjack Queen

{Vegas in August. Love it. Hoover Dam was a bit stifling.}

Whirlwind New England Tour
{we flew into Boston and spent some time there. my kids big red puffy heart the subway}

{and drove to gorgeous Maine, where we spent a good chunk of down time} 

(aka, you promised me we'd vacation every year since we didn't move to Austin)
{Puerto Vallerta}

[cue music] Holiday Row-o-o-o-o-o-o-oad[/music] First Family Major Road Trip

{swamp tour}

Lake Ponchartrain sunset 2

{Lake Pontchartrain}

Jackson Square

{Jackson Square}
I failed to post photos of Memphis (en route to NOLA) and St. Louis (en route home), but they were wonderful.
And this is where it all started. Right here is where he proposed to me. I can't wait to hop a plane and go to Costa Rica with him and celebrate 10 years of being married and just enjoying each other. And relaxing. And warmth. Oh the warmth.
Of course, I will miss those kids, but when we get back, we can plan the next family vaca!


Trish said...

What wonderful memories and you will make more in Costa Rico. I'm so excited for you and you are encouraging me to plan something for just me and the hubby.

beckley said...

so, i don't think you're allowed to post baby twins pics and bikini pics all in the same post.

it's not nice to the rest of us.


happy for you and your vacay...

heather said...

Yeah I have to agree with Robyn on that one! No fair to be so cute & skinny post-twins! :-)

Love all the pics though (btw, I had the same shoes/sandals from the first pic back in the day)! Have such a great time in Costa Rica!!!