Saturday, April 30, 2011


I need your help!
Please vote for me!!!!!! 
A few posts back, I mentioned I entered my bedroom in Mandi of Vintage Revival's Epic Makeover contest.  But the only way I can win if if YOU vote for me!!!! 
So please, go to Vintage Revivals and vote for me.  I am #12!
Voting starts at MIDNIGHT tonight (Saturday...or, I guess that means Sunday?)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho. Its off to scrap I go!

Do you scrap?
I started scrapping after Aidan was born.  I will say "scrap" in the loosest of terms.  Over the years, I learned more and found my little niche.
I really enjoy scrapping. Its a creative outlet for me and the kids just love looking at their albums.  I certainly don't scrap every photo. Or every occasion. I try to focus on photos that really speak to me.
I certainly don't scrap as much as I'd like, either. Its always been a goal to do it more often. I am not a digital gal. I enjoy the different textures of the real stuff too much.

Tomorrow I leave for my annual scrapbook retreat in Illinois with a group of moms that I've known for 10 years now. Its a great weekend getaway filled with intense laughter and snorting, being silly, not enough sleep, creativity, and too much food and a bit of libations.

Au revoir!

Wordless Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

Another week gone by. Not much blogging by me.  I've been trying to stay off the computer because I've had so much neck pain and some shoulder pain. Turns out that its a herniated disc. Lovely. Aging sucks.  So that's the reason for the many ponytails this week.  That, and the rainy weather we've had.

top{H&M}, leggings & boots{Target}, necklace{Superhero Designs}

Friday night in the 'hood! Several of the neighbors went to the n'hood bar for Macho Nachos!
the "J" word pants, boots, dress {Target}, gigantor earrings{F21}

Easter Saturday with my side of the family!
dress{H&M}, leggings{Kohls}, cute shoes that aren't shown{Target}, necklace{Payless Shoe Store}

Easter Sunday...on the way to the in-laws
tunic{H&M}, skinnies{F21}, ballet flats{Walmart}, necklaces{Cookie Lee}
I loved this shirt in the store, but it kinda makes me look pregnant. Hrmm.

Ahh. Monday.
dress, leggings{Target}, flats{Kohls}, necklace{Love Stitched}

I am linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy and Nina from Momma Go Round for their weekly series!

the pleated poppy blog
Momma Go Round

Fashion, as defined by my 7 year old

Easter Saturday
In our house, holidays are all 2 days long, due to the fact that we have to spend it with my family one day and hubs family the next.  They don't live close enough for us to do it all in one day. And besides...mixing families doesn't always bode well.

I picked out these 4 coordinating Joel Dewberry fabrics from the Modern Meadow line.  I bought quite a bit of fabric to play with and I had in mind a cute, full twirly skirt with lots of panels. But my Gracie Girl had a different idea. And that girl has a mind of her own and I knew if I didn't make what she wanted, she would never wear it again.
So I made a simple 4 panel LONG skirt. No fun ribbon on the bottom. No flowers adorning the lower side panel (I made them. She wouldn't let me pin them on).  Wassup with the length?  Its so... modest.  And add the leggings to that. That's her new thing. Its so she doesn't have to sit like a lady. Or worry about those pesky undie sightings on the monkey bars.
I made a coordinating necklace top with the fabrics.
Which, of course, did not turn out as planned. Perhaps because I could only find vneck shirts at Old Navy. Or maybe it was because I was doing this 20 minutes before we left on Saturday. 
At least my boys don't groan when I dress them alike!

We had a very delightful Easter weekend, despite a few hiccups. Lots of egg hunts, food up to our eyeballs, too much candy (can one OD on malted milk balls?), and family, family, family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I don't have much to contribute this week. I spent the majority of the past 7 days in the horizontal position with a box of Puffs and a hot mug of tea stationed by my side.

This is Sunday. I got to go out for Mexican {including yummy skinny margaritas!} at a local place with two wonderful ladies from my 'hood.
This is a top/cardi combo that Annie, the stylist put together. I would have never thought to pair green with the rose, but it totally worked.

cardigan-Anthropologie :: tank-not sure. from U-Turn Consignment, though :: cami- Target :: jeans- Kohls :: necklace- JCrew (also U-Turn) :: *shey*[b] camera strap
Love these shoes!! I just got them from this local boutique called Gracie's. They are European and the leather is butter soft. They have a small consignment section, but even their regular merchandise is not badly priced for a boutique
Ooooh! Grape legs and gold toes!
I got dressed today and volunteered in my daughter's classroom. I needed something bright and cheery because its been so darn gloomy and cold out!

Brrrrr!!! Its cold out!

pencil skirt-F21 (consignment) :: tank, cardi & tights- Target ::  shoes- consignment :: necklace- Charlotte Russe darn SUV is so high up that when I went to jump up into it, I split the back slit of my skirt up to my nether regions! EEK! Thankfully that was after school and I left my long jacket on during errand running.

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i SPY: Around My Home

Ashley from Little Miss Momma is continuing her weekly i Spy series with Favorite Things Around Your Home.  I will be linking up with her.
So without further ado, I bring you my favorite things as interpreted by my mood on my walk through my house this afternoon.

i spy dinner {soup} already cooking on the stove on this cold, rainy afternoon.
{i hate that pot, btw}

i Spy coffee. the nectar of the gods

and another type...
{if you are a red drinker, Apothic is one of my $10ish favorites. so good}

i spy fancy(ier) soap. 
little things like this make me happy.

i spy Happy{the dawg}, chillin'

i spy my children...
...peacefully reading...

...tickling the ivories...
...and following the rules
{i spy my lone little lefty!}

i spy grand works of art on display

and my current state of being. 
{not a fave, but it helps me live}

i spy my favorite wedding photo. and my love i married 10 years ago.

i spy our old glass doorknobs and skeleton key holes

i spy leaded glass windows. so charming. but so leaky in the cold winter.

i spy my newest sewing mess. 
and part of my happy milk glass obsession.

i spy a sign that i have children who are growing up {typed reports done on a laptop. that they know how to hook up to the printer. ack.}, but then again, children who are still young enough who adore an annoying as all get-out singing easter bunny from their great grandma.

i spy a reminder of a time when my babies were still babies.

and finally...
i spy a stack of old, original Nancy Drew mysteries. 
my mom read these. my aunt did, too. as did i...many, many times.
and hopefully, someday my daughter will, too.

i spy a home that's lived in and loved in.
What about you? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


That's right, gurl.
Because no one needs it like I do, that's fo shiz.
This is my bedroom. Its a constant work in progress, but its never a haven like it should be.  

We bought this furniture when we were first married. It is too big for this room and its too matchy-matchy. Our bedroom is a teeny tiny box...the sacrifice we make in order to have the kids on the 2nd floor together.
  We want to get rid of the furniture, we need some kind of floor covering for the HWFs to warm it up (something we've never had). We need the walls painted.  Oh, and we have no closet doors. Did ya notice that? Yeah. We're ready for a big overhaul. The only thing I want to keep is my Dwell Studio comforter I just bought.
Why you, Mandi?
Because you're friggin' awesome.
Starting with those anthro acid mirrors, to the tree that can be decorated {love that!}, to the fact that you sewed a rug. And HELLO! You were on NATE BERKUS!  
I have that red desk you have. But mine's not red. Mine's a boring black. You have the imagination that I lack.  I can only copy other people and lack the vision it takes to put other's awesome finished products together.

We have some cool pieces throughout our house that I think, combined with thrifting, you could make something awesome from (given what I've seen you do).
Because I am done. done. done. with having a bedroom that looks like crap!
So, YO! YO!
Come to my house and give me an epic makeover!
Besides, when else will you get a chance to go to Wisconsin?
And blog readers...I need your help! When the polls open on April 30th, I will need you to vote for me. Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Musings

Giving up.
You know that point where you acknowledge that your house needs to be cleaned?
VERY badly.
But you just don't have it in you.
Because you just don't know where to start. 
Its overwhelming.
Maybe not in the grand scheme of life.
But in my life, I can't function effectively if my house is a disaster.   Essentially, I see it as a sign to bury my head and be a sloth.

This weekend, my husband and two of our awesome friends installed the electrical and mounted our TV. Holla!
That process? 
Holy Big. Fat. Mess.
On Sunday, I woke up with some renewed energy after a few days in bed with sinus and ear infections.  I started going at it.  But with crap literally everywhere (discarded entertainment unit. tape measures. CDs, photo frames, wires - lots of them, electronic components just tossed on the shelves hither and fro), I just gave up.
And so it sat.
And when I say "gave up", I mean it literally. I let the vacuum sit here all day, as I laid on the couch watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of House Hunters and other HGTV shows.

In other musings, I spent tonight watching one of the best movies ever, Reality Bites, since there's nothing good on TV and in my typical ADD fashion, I have 3 half-done sewing projects sitting on the dining table that I don't feel like finishing until tomorrow. Or the next day.
As I was watching, I was perusing Pinterest. My new crack.
I came across this photo

Beautiful girl. But damn...that outfit? I had that outfit. 1993 (pre-Reality Bites). I distinctly remember wearing it on a blind date! Black Esprit leggings, men's denim shirt from Eddie Bauer.  Unlisted boots.
Its come full circle, people.
Granted, this is a bit more chic and I was a bit more grunge, but hey.

I still listen to my Reality Bites CD. I'd listen to my Singles soundtrack, but my husband threw away my tapes.
I totally aged myself, huh?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

My 7 year old daughter creating math homework for her 9 year old brother, complete with an 'ickzapo' {example} and then the problems with a, "Now you do it!"

Being able to take my dog on a walk and wear a tank top. You can't imagine how happy this makes me.

Seeing Heather push her stroller o' kids somewhere, flipflops on feet.  Heather + flops = Winter is gone. Its official, yo.

Having to hold the PTA meeting tonight with this cold that I caught. I am so not a fan of blowing my nose in public. But I won't make it.  And I sound icky.

Maxi dresses. I do love. Target especially has some awesome ones. But when did did this name get slapped onto this fashion? Because I recall wearing dresses of this length in the late 70's. And several different styles scattered throughout the 90's, and they were just "dresses".  Yes, I am that old.  And I don't like the word "maxi". Sorry. It reminds me of feminine hygiene products.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I had nuthin'.  It didn't mean I wasn't dressed nice the past 7 days, because I was. Friday I went to a cocktail hour. Saturday I went out for dinner w/ my girls for a birthday celebration (not mine).  And on Monday, I even wore some super cute new shoes to my book club.  But I didn't take photos.
So today, after cleaning up and getting dressed, I thought I'd upload today's photo.

shirt: Old Navy
cami: Costco
jeans: Marlow {dudes. these jeans are $100 jeans that i got for $4.99 at GW. i kid you not. they are superb! the denim is comfy, they fit great, no saggy crotch that i seem to get in some pants. love the whiskered bottoms, the baked creases at the hips}
shoes: Carlos, by Carlos Santana

Once again, I am linking up with Lindsey

and Nina
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I SPY: Neighborhood

If you have not yet met Ashley from Little Miss Momma, you should. She's cute, she's funny, and she's real.  
And she started this 'I SPY' series. Fun, no? I think so.  Something a little different.
So on this beautiful 60 degree day, I grabbed my iPhone and took a 3 mile stroll around town with my pooch, trying not to look like a creepy person whilst snapping phone pix.


Kids on the playground (my kids school)

Mama goose who made a nest and laid eggs in the gardens on said playground!

My favorite house in our immediate n'hood. Just adore that architecture.

Spring is here! The fountain is alive and outdoor seating is available at the cafe in the village!

 Peeking in at La Reve...the French Patisserie in the village (yum).

My favorite stretch of North Avenue (except for the place whose striped awning is sticking out). It houses a yummy Italian restaurant, my favorite consignment boutique, and our regular donut/pizza joint.

Yes, they are weeds. But they sure are pretty weeds.

I hope you enjoyed the little jaunt through our charming old village! You'd never guess I am 2 blocks outside of the 28th most populated city in the US, would you?  I love that we're quite urban, but that its got a small town charm to it.