Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

My 7 year old daughter creating math homework for her 9 year old brother, complete with an 'ickzapo' {example} and then the problems with a, "Now you do it!"

Being able to take my dog on a walk and wear a tank top. You can't imagine how happy this makes me.

Seeing Heather push her stroller o' kids somewhere, flipflops on feet.  Heather + flops = Winter is gone. Its official, yo.

Having to hold the PTA meeting tonight with this cold that I caught. I am so not a fan of blowing my nose in public. But I won't make it.  And I sound icky.

Maxi dresses. I do love. Target especially has some awesome ones. But when did did this name get slapped onto this fashion? Because I recall wearing dresses of this length in the late 70's. And several different styles scattered throughout the 90's, and they were just "dresses".  Yes, I am that old.  And I don't like the word "maxi". Sorry. It reminds me of feminine hygiene products.


heather said...

Ha! I actually waited too long this year and after our long walk last night I realized that the flip callouses are not formed enough yet for a long walk. ouch! i also lean red that my sit n' stand stroller is hard to push with 30 pounds in the front and back...i felt like i was horizontal trying to get that thing moving!

hope you feel better!!!!!

melody-mae said...

teehee...i too think 'maxi' dress sounds like a fem. product!!! I love the look of these dresses but think I am not tall enough. ;)

great awkward, awesome thursday to you!

beckley said...

A) get better.

B) totally with you on the Maxi name.
But the dresses rule. You can do anything in them. I could live and sleep in them, I think =) Bye bye jeans- see you in September!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

So funny that you mentioned that about the "maxi" dresses. A couple of us girls on twitter last night were cracking up at a tweet about one girls' "maxi obsession"... she had to clear that one up. Maxi dresses, not pads. I so wish I could rock one, maybe next summer. Can't wait to see your WIWW posts w/them though.

Love the thought of Norah & the ickzapoo. Matt and I were just talking about all of your WI accents. ;)