Sunday, April 03, 2011

quick {inexpensive} closet DIY!

My closet
The bane of my existence at times.
Our first house, I had a nice big closet that was built into a dormer. For the most part, a walk-in closet, but you had to hunch over as you went in.
Our second house, I had a wonderful, heavenly walk-in, complete with built-ins.  I even banished my husband's stuff to the guest room.
This house? Not loving the closet sitch.  Apparently, they didn't think highly of storage in the 1920's?
This was my closet {judgment passing not allowed}.  Louvered doors from hell aside, I had a bad relationship with this closet.  Thankfully, I no longer had a 'business professional' wardrobe to stuff into my closet, but I do have to share with the family coats.
Say what?
Yeah. See that brown in the back? That's the door that is in the foyer/sunroom.  Good times. 

One morning, it was the final straw - the doors fell off the track for their last time and hubs ripped them off and said, "I think you need a closet organizer."
I said, "you think? gee. I've been saying for years."

So I cleaned out the closet...
{looking left. see the door?}
{standing in the closet. looking right. not very big, huh?}

This wasn't a planned project, so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. Hubs went to Lowe's and the guy working happened to be a contractor and helped him. Easy peasy and cheap.
Well, in all reality, it would have been easy peasy lemon squeezy if it were not for that darn door and the thick 1920's trim surrounding it. So boards had to be screwed into the plaster, first, to make things flush.

2 days later, I had a closet, sans doors (if history repeats itself, that will take a good year or so).  Its not perfect, but its 
{afterall, I do share a closet with the coats}

i got these white fabric bins at walmart. shudder. but they were the only ones i found in that size. i have things like my bathing suits in one, workout shorts in another, and sports bras & tanks in a third. i need to label them all cute and stuff. and oh, the nice thing about 1920's houses? tall ceilings. i have that extra row up there for stuff i don't need often
I emptied my dresser because we're painting the bureau and putting it in the boys' room. I actually like having my stuff on the shelves better. I can see my tank and tee colors. And I put my jeans w/ the waistbands out, even though its not as neat, because I saw on Jill GG's Good Life blog that she did it and I wanted to be a copycat liked the idea of being able to tell which jeans are which (not that I have tons of jeans).
{that backwards bin on the left houses the kids mittens and hats. the bin atop that has my leggings. crap - i have a whole bin-o-leggings at age 37.  what has this world come to?  the one on the right has my unmentionables and socks}

My sandals are shoved into this handing organizer, but not all my shoes fit in there. The rest are stuffed in a crate. So I think I need another solution.
So, until the doors are on, there ya have it!  Under $200.  And I managed to empty a bureau and a night stand! Go me! So for our new dressers, all I will need drawers for are my PJs and yoga pants! Woot!

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