Monday, April 04, 2011

Let's Do This Thang!!

What's that? Make pie? Pumpkin bread, perhaps? All while doing some yoga? Nope.  I started this...

Today I started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred
I vow to do this every day, for the next 30 days.  I officially start my half-marathon training program on Monday, April 18th. Oh Hal Higdon, how I fear you.  I failed you last time and I will not fail you again.
So my training for that will overlap with finishing the Shred.  But that's ok. And I will continue going to yoga classes, too. Let's hope all this gets me into prime shape, baby!

So why the pumpkin?
I couldn't find my hand weights. Whoops. So for today, I had 1lb weights. By tomorrow I will find my cute pink 2lb hand weights and will use those, instead.

Day 1.
She breaks it into 3 levels, allowing you to take it to the next level when you're ready. So I started with level 1.
I won't lie. It was hard. Mainly because I am out of shape. But I powered through.  Actually, the hardest part was the damn pushups. I loathe pushups. They are my enemy.  I hate how they hide out in yoga, disguising themselves with a fancy name {Chaturanga}. Grrr.
But the best part about her workout? No pausing. Just power through for 20 intense minutes.
Me - the lack-of-attention-span-queen.  I can do anything for 20 minutes.  I love that I did not look at the clock, thinking, "crap. 45 more minutes left."
And it made me sweat. Quickly.

So let's see how effective this workout is, shall we?
Here are official stats, taken today w/ my trusty 10 year old bathroom scale and my sewing measuring tape.

Height:  5' 5""
Weight:  115lb
BMI:  19.13
Waist:  27"
Hips:  34.5"
Thighs:  21"
Chest:  33"
Bicep:  10"

I am laughing my booty off right now.  I used this body fat calculator.  It tells me that I have 33% body fat, which is obese (where's that 'hysterically laughing' emoticon?)
Yes, I know that my body fat is higher than it should be and I need more lean muscle mass. But OBESE? Come on. I wear a size 0 or 2. Do they need to use *that* word?  I think I'll stay away from that calculator.

So that's it.  I will do the same measurements again in 30 days :)


Sheila said...

Yeah, you are not obese. Not even close.

At one of Maggie's well child visits, her BMI came back saying she was obese. The nurse took a stepped back to look at her, rechecked the numbers, shook her head and laughed. Maggie is all muscle.

Karri said...

Ah yeah. If Maggie's obese, then I am on crack. What a crock. lol.

beckley said...

i worked in fitness for 7 years- we were trained to not let people use online calculators. they don't work. obese is a common result, madly so =)

don't use 'em. they don't work =)

heather said...

you are a brave gal to hold yourself accountable like this! i refuse to measure & i'm currently refusing to even worry about results...i just know that i need to stay active (and for me failing goals makes me give up) and if I do that, I win! :-)

do you have at&t u-verse? they have lots of jillian (and other great peeps) in their free on demand exercise section. love me lots of variation at home!

Karri said...

RBV - want to come over and do my measurements, then?? ;-)

Heather - you're much more likely to follow through than I am!

Anonymous said...

Your result of being *obese* made me have a wee giggle too...and then I thought, holy Farck, what does that make me - dead?!?! lol