Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion, as defined by my 7 year old

Easter Saturday
In our house, holidays are all 2 days long, due to the fact that we have to spend it with my family one day and hubs family the next.  They don't live close enough for us to do it all in one day. And besides...mixing families doesn't always bode well.

I picked out these 4 coordinating Joel Dewberry fabrics from the Modern Meadow line.  I bought quite a bit of fabric to play with and I had in mind a cute, full twirly skirt with lots of panels. But my Gracie Girl had a different idea. And that girl has a mind of her own and I knew if I didn't make what she wanted, she would never wear it again.
So I made a simple 4 panel LONG skirt. No fun ribbon on the bottom. No flowers adorning the lower side panel (I made them. She wouldn't let me pin them on).  Wassup with the length?  Its so... modest.  And add the leggings to that. That's her new thing. Its so she doesn't have to sit like a lady. Or worry about those pesky undie sightings on the monkey bars.
I made a coordinating necklace top with the fabrics.
Which, of course, did not turn out as planned. Perhaps because I could only find vneck shirts at Old Navy. Or maybe it was because I was doing this 20 minutes before we left on Saturday. 
At least my boys don't groan when I dress them alike!

We had a very delightful Easter weekend, despite a few hiccups. Lots of egg hunts, food up to our eyeballs, too much candy (can one OD on malted milk balls?), and family, family, family.


Trish said...

Miss N looks adorable and I love that your boys still let you dress them alike. I haven't even tried that for a while, but maybe I should? ;)

We do the rotating holidays here (x3!) and while it's not ideal, it works for us. :)

Karri said...

Thanks, darlin'! I don't do it often. I coordinate them more often than not. But I happened to find these polos on sale at Gymboree, so I got them. You can pretty much guarantee they won't wear them on the same day again. Aidan's a tshirt and athletic pant kid. Ugh.

Oh, and the holidays. Yeah. We could do that. But that would mean me giving up a holiday w/ my family. And I like my family too much. I also can't see my in-laws going for that. Ever. See how easy that is with stubborn people?

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

So cute! I love the boys' polos from Gymboree, they're adorable. Those Dewberry prints are seriously gorgeous. I adore them.