Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i SPY: Around My Home

Ashley from Little Miss Momma is continuing her weekly i Spy series with Favorite Things Around Your Home.  I will be linking up with her.
So without further ado, I bring you my favorite things as interpreted by my mood on my walk through my house this afternoon.

i spy dinner {soup} already cooking on the stove on this cold, rainy afternoon.
{i hate that pot, btw}

i Spy coffee. the nectar of the gods

and another type...
{if you are a red drinker, Apothic is one of my $10ish favorites. so good}

i spy fancy(ier) soap. 
little things like this make me happy.

i spy Happy{the dawg}, chillin'

i spy my children...
...peacefully reading...

...tickling the ivories...
...and following the rules
{i spy my lone little lefty!}

i spy grand works of art on display

and my current state of being. 
{not a fave, but it helps me live}

i spy my favorite wedding photo. and my love i married 10 years ago.

i spy our old glass doorknobs and skeleton key holes

i spy leaded glass windows. so charming. but so leaky in the cold winter.

i spy my newest sewing mess. 
and part of my happy milk glass obsession.

i spy a sign that i have children who are growing up {typed reports done on a laptop. that they know how to hook up to the printer. ack.}, but then again, children who are still young enough who adore an annoying as all get-out singing easter bunny from their great grandma.

i spy a reminder of a time when my babies were still babies.

and finally...
i spy a stack of old, original Nancy Drew mysteries. 
my mom read these. my aunt did, too. as did i...many, many times.
and hopefully, someday my daughter will, too.

i spy a home that's lived in and loved in.
What about you? 


Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

Just the cutest family! Love the wedding photo. would love to see more of those. Loving how you display the artwork too. My daughter loved to read. Not sure about Nancy Drew but I'm sure you daughter will pick them up one day.

heather said...

Love the tour! And love that the photos feel warm & cozy (as I sit here freezing)!

Kara said...

Lots to love here. Cool art display and that wedding photo is gorgeous.

Jayna Rae said...

What a lovely collection of photos. I love that your kiddos were quietly reading. Yay books!!!!