Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gift Giving- kids or adults

I was perusing blogs, looking for a gift to give a girlfriend whose birthday we are celebrating this weekend.  After Etsy left me feeling confused, I went to Tracie's blog.  Between her and Heather and Bridget, they are the queens of giving creative, cool gifts that thought was put into.  Oh, and Tracie and Heather know how to throw a kids' party.  Check it out, yo.

I couldn't choose a single gift to feature so I'll just direct you to the gift section of Tracie's blog. Its blissfully beautiful.
{what little girl would not want to receive this??}

{all i can say is, "ahhhh."  and how grateful would you be if someone put that time into this?}

Now I need to get off my duff and go put together a cute gift for my friend!


heather said...

Totally added Bridget's site to my Reader & it was fun to browse through Tracie's ideas (I forgot some of those awesome posts). Have always loved the box you showed above...simple but so sweet and beautiful! Thanks for the kind words too!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Love love love! You have to share what gift you came up with!

Anonymous said...

awww! thanks for including me in this!!! off to check out bridget's blog too! ;)