Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And this is controversial, why?

I interrupt today's episode of WIWW with this breaking news....
The Pink Toenail Controversy
{also, I didn't take any photos this week. But I did get dressed}
This morning, on the Today Show, the newscasters talked about this ad and whether or not it was anything to get our undies in a bunch over.
A 5 year old is getting his toes painted pink by his mom.
What's the big deal?
People are saying this will scar him for life. 
He'll be made fun of.
His mom is creating a "gender confused" boy.
Or even worse...society celebrates and pushes the gender confused boy who wants to "act like a girl."
Wait. Let's back up here for a moment, ok?
This child is 5. FIVE.  FIVE YEARS OLD, people!!
Would it be an issue if it were a girl in that ad, posed in boyish rubber boots with a dump truck and mud on her body?
I am willing to bet money on it that the answer is a big, fat "NO".
Its so sad that people get all up in arms.
These are children. They learn through exploring.  They learn through play.  They learn from society's reactions, too.

As you can see from these 2 (of many over the years) photos, we have no issue with our boys dressing up.
We also have no qualms with our daughter dressing up in her brother's clothes (son: left. daughter: right)

Am I worried that by allowing them to play as they wish, I will foster "gender confused" children?
Heck no.
But if, somehow, my children do end up being gay, I will love them just as I do now.


heather said...

Exactly! Any gender-identity that is developed by the "rules" of what is for boys and what is for girls is put upon kids by our society. I feel we have more of a chance of creating a society of hate and judgement by enforcing gender roles than "creating" a gender-confused child by letting them play and explore!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Completely lame and ridiculous. I didn't see this on the today show, but wow! I JUST painted Cohen's toes bright pink the other day, because he asked when I was painting mine. No biggie.. I don't think he's scarred. In fact, he loves them!