Thursday, July 02, 2009

So observant. So true.

A few days ago, a friend was here with her girls. Aidan asked about their new playset and if it was finished and I believe she said something to the effect of everything but the ground being done. Then Aidan commented, "Well, our kitchen is STILL not done. My dad is never going to finish it." (insert hand on hip and eye roll).

heh heh heh.

Thursday 13

Thirteen fun things we're planning this summer

1- Brewer games
2- Little League games
3- Bay Beach Amusement Park
4- Discovery World Museum
5- Grand Geneva (Lake Geneva) trip
6- Summerfest (ok, so that's sans kids)
7- The Beach! The pool!
8- Sunset Zoofari concert
9 - Northern WI trip (2 thumbs up for Laona!)
10 - Noah's Ark
11- Coldplay (um, sans kids again)
12- Memphis, TN- New Orleans, LA - St. Louis, MO road trip
13- strawberry picking

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

HTML! Gah!

Trying. Trying oh. so. hard to change the fonts on this thing. I hate those standard boring fonts. However, as you can see, I did something wrong. Because, well, I know nothing about HTML except that it looks like gibberish.
Bear with me.

ETA - ok. at least i got my titles back. not to figure out how to make the cool stuff work.

Wordless Wednesday

Their creativity, silliness & cuteness never fail to make me smile.

(putting on a show)

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Blog Overhaul

Trying. Really trying to make this something substantial. If someone could tell me how to add a photo to my header in PSE, I'd be grateful. Why is it not easy like it should be?