Monday, February 28, 2011

9 years.

On Saturday at 6:57am, my firstborn will mark the day that he entered our lives 9 years ago. I am having a super hard time wrapping my mind around this. It seems like just yesterday that he was my baby boy.  I miss the sweet baby boy he was. He was the best little boy ever. The sweetest. The boy who wouldn't sleep in his bed for anything. The boy who would cry until he vomited. The boy who slept in our bed until he was almost two, us creeping out of the room on all 4's, in the dark, and sitting silently in the dark until we knew he was good and asleep, frustrated as all getup, but also knowing this was a phase and we'd get past it somehow.  The boy, who at age almost-9, still asks to sleep with mom and dad (heck, yeah!) and loves "tickles" on his back and whose teacher says he's the most kindhearted, compassionate, caring child in his class.  Of course, we're not without our struggles. We struggle with independence, talking back, and naughty talk, all things that he gets from TV and friends. All a part of growing up. But we just hold on to the hope that we're doing it right and helping him grow into a good person. Because in the end, that's what you're striving for, right? A happy, well-balanced, caring, kind human.

Of course, I still ache for the baby when I see photos like such...
He was such a beautiful baby and tot! Oh, those eyes!

32 weeks- Mag Sulfate Face. He really wanted to come, but a weeklong stay in the hospital and then bedrest until 37 weeks helped him stay put.

Sweet Baby Aidan Thomas. 3.5.02 6:57am, 7lb, 15.3ozs, 20" 

4-5 months

6 months...the first night away from him and the day of the car wreck w/ grandma :(

 17 months...what a character

17 months...had to hit the pumpkin patches w/o mama b/c I was on bedrest w/ the twins.

Sleepyhead at breakfast.

 My boys, reading books in bed. He had such a fondness for his binkies.

Age 2. He LOVED books. Still does. Thank goodness he was always so content to have me read, both when I was on bedrest at home, in the hospital, and when I was nursing the twins.

Friday, February 25, 2011


You ever have one of those days where you wallow in self pity or something like that?
Gosh...if this isn't inspirational and tear jerking happy, I don't know what is.  No need to feel bad if this woman can overcome what she has.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Squee! Another day, another project...

Ok, so technically, its not completed. Is that such a big deal? I am, however, one step closer to the Git 'R Dun phase!!!

Look what I am working on...take one guess?  The husband is quite a happy camper.  

In other news, I whipped these up recently. I am posting them now because I am finally getting around to giving them to one of our favorite little 5yr old girls. They're a belated birthday gift.

This one is actually teal. Good quality iPhone photos.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A free silhouette? You don't say?

Do you follow Roeshel at The DIY Showoff? If you don't, take it from me, I think you should.  Lots of fun & inspiring DIY projects.  So many, that you can just sit there and admire and file away, and not *do* any (whoops).
Anyway, right now, she's giving away a Silhouette! Yeah - for, like, free! With vinyl and transfer paper! Rock on!
Go ahead...I dare you!

The DIY Show Off

Master Bedroom, Part 3

Baby steps.
In previous posts, I've talked about our MBR woes...the size, our limited options, etc.  Well, I got the bedding, and I love it, but I need some decorating advice, please!

First, here's the bedding's real color.

Second...I intend on getting a 3rd layer of pillows to put against the headboard.  If anyone has seen a fabric or a sham in the store that they think would look good, please share!
Third....I purchased a few of these leafy pillows yesterday, simply because they were a good form and on clearance for $3 at Target (woot!). My intention was to make a cover for them.  Does it look horrid w/ the bed?
Note: the trim on the shams and comforter is actually labeled 'espresso', but in my eyes, its black.

Fourth...I think I am ok w/ the furniture being brown. It brings some warmth to the room. And well, it would have to be sprayed to be painted. And frankly, its a PITA to move b/c its clunky and huge.  What I'd love to do is try and sell it on CL since I don't love it, but I want to find some new stuff, first. But anyway....

Finally....walls. Oh the walls. What color???

What I Wore Wednesday

Another week, another Wednesday. But wait...this time, as I look back at the past 7 days, I appears as though 1) I forgot to take photos, or b) I didn't get my booty out of PJs many times this week.  Did you pick 'b'??  If so...

Yeah, baby! I was a no good, lazy sloth!  But wait. Isn't the purpose of WIWW to hold yourself accountable? To put some effort into getting dressed daily? Yes. Or at least, for me it is. It makes me feel good about myself when I look good. But apparently, I wasn't buying what it was selling this week.

Let's see....Thursday. It was kinda nice out, so I didn't have to dress like a yeti.  I went to hang out at my auntie and uncle's house to visit w/ them and my cousin, her bambino, and my gramma. And then I got to take 2 of my 3 kids to CHW for a rousing round of immunotherapy.

top & skinnies- F21 :: tank- Target :: owl pendant- Charlotte Russe :: shoes- Eco Sneaks by Simple from REI

Friday I walked the dog and wore yoga clothes all. day. long. No need to share.

Saturday morning, my oldest had a basketball game and I decided that I would actually show the parents there that yes, I do indeed shower and own clothes. So I did just that. Except my hair looked awful and bowl-ish.

tshirt- Target :: cardi-Anthro :: jeans- Guess :: boots- Target

Sunday? Nope. Wasn't havin' it.  Wore sweats all day, baby. But Monday I got dressed merely because I had to go to the library. And shovel. And its too cold to shovel in yoga pants.  You may or may not notice that I am sporting a pony tail.  Or that my hair is awkward in the photos above. Yeah - I am growing it out a bit. It doesn't look good. And I hate when it touches my collar. Oh, and also? I will not win any sort of fashion awards this week!  But wait! I found my tripod! Yay...that's an improvement, no?

a really old sweater that I'd never wear in public- Banana Republic :: tank- Costco :: even older jeans- Target :: earrings! do you see I am wearing earrings?! - ok, so I have no idea where they are from. I think my husband got them for me years ago.

Today I am putting a leetle effort into it, but not too much. That would be just too much for this week.  I am at home with a little girl who has pinkeye, so its not like we're venturing out.  But I do have to take the boys to piano and my man is coming back from his biznezz trip, so I don't want to look like I've totally given up.
 leggings- F21 :: tanks- target :: sweater- Target (girls) :: scarf- consignment :: pin- me

This week's post will always remind me to TRY HARDER. To put fort EFFORT.
And as usual, I am linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. So I can get flogged this week, perhaps?
the pleated poppy blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After having purchased a yard of this gorgeous fabric on Cyber Monday from one of my fave local fabric stores, Drawstring Studio (she has an Etsy store, too!).  The fabric is Fandango by Kate Spain for Moda.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it in her store, but had no idea what to do with it.  I brought a sample home with me and when I saw it on sale, I decided that it would be the perfect fabric to bring some color into my living room! Its got the yellow from my walls and the turquoise that I love so much and the browns from my sofa and chairs.
Why did I put off making the pillow covers for so long? Who knows. Procrastination is what I am best at. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy, that's certain! I just did some simple envelope covers for a set of 18x18 pillows I picked up at Target (their cheap ReStyle brand).  1 yard was the perfect amount for 2 of those pillows.
Ta da!

 I am linking up with Mandy at Sugar Bee Craft Edition for her Take a Look Tuesday. Check it out!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

First off...time for some blog love!
Have you heard of Flapper Fashions? No, you say? Well, check out her Etsy store.  She makes pretty things like this

and this
 If you 'like' her on Facebook, she posts Daily Deals (discounted + free shipping!) If you're the first to post a comment on her Daily Deal, its yours!  I scored the ring/earrings combo above last night. Woot woot!!!

There's a new blog in the blogiverse...Alice and Bridget.  Their tagline reads, "Not quite perfect...yet perfectly lovely."  I think everyone should check it out.  They've got great musings on crafting, entertaining, and decorating.  Very eclectic and vintage style.  Love it.

Little Miss Momma posted about this great website called My Job Chart dot com. I checked it out. And It. Looks. Awesome.  My kids are always looking for ways to add responsibility and earn rewards. We're always looking for ways to teach them financial responsibility. So I think we're going to give this a go!

Speaking of decorating, I need some inspiration, because its time to start the hunt.  My big little girl wants a bedroom re-do.  She's done with the room I decorated around the Land of Nod bedding we got her when she moved into her big girl bed at age 3.

I am thinking it would be a great 8th birthday gift.  Her favorite color is green, but she also loves blue, so I'd do something fun that revolves around one of those.  And I also want something that she won't outgrow. So I am looking for inspiration. Help! Help!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So In Love

You know those times where you can just lay there and stare at them and just revel in their perfectness and your love for them??  This is one of those times.  She and I... we're a team. And I love her so very very much. And I hope that we always have the relationship we do now.  She is content to snuggle with me at any time. She loves sleeping with me. She loves to give me love. When I have a headache, she wants to make me feel better. 
And now she's laying here, asleep, next to me. And I just keep staring at those beautiful long eyelashes and that perfect skin and her sweaty hair, plastered against the side of her face. And the way she clutches her lovey ("Green D"). And my heart aches because I love her So. Darn. Much.
How did we create this little human?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewelery to lift your mood

Check out the seller, Nest Pretty Things, by Tamar, on Etsy.  I stumbled across it and its that type of jewelery that is sunny and bright and just makes you want to smile.  So pretty!!!

I am especially fond of this Blue Dahlia piece. I am going to have to buy it. Fo shizzle.

And I love how this piece, the Esme, is just so fun, yet romantic.

No, I do not know the seller. I just like her stuff :) Just tryin' to spread some crafty love.

What I Wore Wednesday

And now I bring you this week's edition of WIWW, complete with the back-from-vacation-blues.

Since we were in Costa Rica last Wednesday, I have 2 weeks worth of photos.

Last Wednesday evening...
I went out for a glass of vino with a good friend. She felt bad that our flight had been canceled.

 Sweater - Target :: Necklace - Bloomingdales :: Belt - Target (my first time wearing a belted frock in public. I felt odd) :: jeans - Kohls :: boots - dept store :: cute dog - Castaway Rescue


turtleneck - Kohl's :: sweater - Kohl's :: necklace - Silpada :: Bloom Bag - The Pleated Poppy


Cami - ATL :: Cardi - F21 :: Scarf - Charlotte Russe :: Flower pin - Eisley Rae :: Jeans - Kohl's :: Boots - Target :: Sunglesses - Anthro

In sunny, beautiful Costa Rica and about to watch the Packers cream the Steelers (and this outfit is as close to Packer gear as I have)
yellow tank - Target :: blue tank - Walmart :: owl necklace - Charlotte Russe :: camo skirt - consignment :: glasses - Anthro :: flops - Teva from REI

Dinner at the resort
dress - consignment :: chunky bead necklace - J. Crew

Tuesday - at dinner after the day at Manuel Antonio
dress - consigment

At the beach in Jaco, after Ziplining
tank - F21 :: bermudas - Kohl's :: flops - Land's End :: glasses - Anthro :: purse - Target

At dinner that evening
orange top - Anthro :: cami - Costco :: capris - ATL

 Yeah - there were a few days I missed. Oh well.
And now, back to cold weather wear. Le Sigh.

My trippod is missing. Hrm.
Volunteering at school and making a fun day for the fam for V-Day
Tank - Kohl's :: Cardi - J. Crew  :: jeans - Target :: rolled rose pin  - Me

I feel like a douche in a hat, but I hadn't washed my hair, so hence, the hat. 
hat - Target :: shirt - Anthro :: necklaces - Cookie Lee :: jacket - H&M :: flower pin - Anthro (attached to jacket - can you see it? its black)

volunteering at school, errands, the whole Wednesday routine after school... 
 How cool is this ring that I got in Costa Rica? I love it! My man did, too.

Love these shoes. Cute, funky and comfortable! They're gold. Consignment (I think they're Mudd. Isn't that a Kohl's brand?). Its 50F out, so I don't need socks today. Yay!

top - Banana Republic :: skinnies - F21

I am linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for her weekly What I Wore Wednesday. 

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Costa Rica :: Pura Vida

In honor of our 10th anniversary, the hubs and I locked up the kids in the closet left the kids with my parents and took off for a weeklong vacation to Costa Rica.  We'd never been (and that's one of our deals...we don't go back to places we've been unless we're traveling on biz or its NOLA, until we've been everywhere we want to go) and everyone we know who has been, has only said fabulous things about it.
We chose to stay at the Marriott Los Suenos Ocean & Golf Resort, not because of reviews or location, but because my man travels a lot and had a ton of Marriott points and we could stay there for 5 nights, 6 days, all-inclusive, for freeeeeee! Ok, so we had to pay for the flight and whatnot, but yeah.
The resort was nestled between the towns of Jaco and Herradura on the pacific coast

While in Costa Rica, we did a lot of nothing but relaxing, which was absolutely fabulous.  We also did some Ziplining, which was exhilarating! I loved it. He was scared.

We also did some exploring at Manuel Antonio National Park, which involved a guided tour where we saw sloths, monkeys of many kinds, birds, frogs, and many other species. And a beautiful, beautiful beach that we spent some hours lounging on.
On the way back to the resort, we stopped for a drink and snack at a place called El Avion, which had a breathtaking view of some of the park and beach.

We checked out Jaco, where we got to see some prostitutes (boo) and get our kids some gifts (much better) and watch surfers (cool). We also got to see some monster crocs hanging out in a very dirty river.

Our last day was spent at La Paz Waterfall Park. Wow. Breathless. Totally worth the drive that we thought we were going to die on whilst getting there in our car that had tires the size of my head, driving on "roads" (using term loosely) that mad dirt moguls left over from the Jan '09 earthquake.

After La Paz, we checked in to another hotel so we were closer to the airport. Hotel Buena Vista. A whole different world than the Marriott, but quaint and clean and nice people. The photo of the city lights at night? That's Alajuela. We ate at some place and that was our view. Wonderful.

The trip was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Could not have been better. Oh wait. I guess it could have been if, 1) Hubs has not lost his wallet in the first 1/2 hour of us being in CR, and 2) Frontier had not "lost" our reservation on our return flight. Or they'd be willing to give me back my money. That's all I care about.

Whenever we're on one of these trips, its good. Its good for us to re-connect like that. No internet, no work, no house, no kids, no other people, no phone.  Just us. But we miss the kids and often talk about how much fun they'd have where ever we are.  So yeah, I can't wait to take them on vacation. But I am glad we had that together. Because it was important. And we'll do it again.

And I highly recommend Costa Rica! We'll go back... with the kids... to another region

My Valentine

My honey and I just spent our 14th Valentines Day together. 14 years. It certainly does not seem like we've spent that many together! Funny to think how Valentines used to center around us, starting with breakfast, and now, it centers around our family, starting with breakfast. I wouldn't change a darn thing :)

July 1997....the summer we started dating.

The day we said "I Do"

The day we became a family

10 years of wedded bliss

Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life. Thanks for weathering the road with me. I may not always make it easy, but I hope that I make it worth it.