Thursday, February 03, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Giving this a shot.

When you are using a beauty training institute to save money to get your parts waxed in anticipation for vacation (swimsuits), and the instructor and waxing girl are conversing whilst hovering over your lady bits.

Sitting at the vanity bar in the women's locker room at the gym next to a lady who is standing there, applying her makeup, totally nude (not even undies. fo reals).

Answering the phone while you're typing an email. And when the caller asks how you are, you say "thank you", because that's what you were typing b/c you were finishing your email. Whoops.

Scoring some super cool pieces at Anthro that were on sale (and for the record, I don't think their sale prices are all that), including a cute dress that I can wear on vacation, wear to a wedding this summer, and wear layered with leggings and a cardi. Yay!

Listening to your 7 year olds read to you from books that, just a month or so ago, they struggled to get through or they couldn't even read.

Watching your daughter make a craft and then decide that she wants to give it to her teacher that she adores.

Listening to your kids play the piano.
Having your kids piano teacher thank you for encouraging your eldest child to play and making sure he does all his practice, because he is now a total rockstar at the piano.

So yo...

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Anonymous said...

Love this post, it is too cute. And your gym awkward is SERIOUSLY an awkward one! :-)

Shannon Olson said...

I like your awkward and awesome post so funny about the waxing!

heather said...

LOL! Love this post!