Thursday, February 24, 2011

Squee! Another day, another project...

Ok, so technically, its not completed. Is that such a big deal? I am, however, one step closer to the Git 'R Dun phase!!!

Look what I am working on...take one guess?  The husband is quite a happy camper.  

In other news, I whipped these up recently. I am posting them now because I am finally getting around to giving them to one of our favorite little 5yr old girls. They're a belated birthday gift.

This one is actually teal. Good quality iPhone photos.


beckley said...

That's my babygirl!!!!!!!

She can't stop showing/ telling people. She's in LOVE!!!!
Thank you!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Just now seeing these! SO cute! You're doing so well. I see that you're using my scraps still. :) Want more? I'll bring ya some this month!

Karri said...

Oh, I'd looooove that!