Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

First off...time for some blog love!
Have you heard of Flapper Fashions? No, you say? Well, check out her Etsy store.  She makes pretty things like this

and this
 If you 'like' her on Facebook, she posts Daily Deals (discounted + free shipping!) If you're the first to post a comment on her Daily Deal, its yours!  I scored the ring/earrings combo above last night. Woot woot!!!

There's a new blog in the blogiverse...Alice and Bridget.  Their tagline reads, "Not quite perfect...yet perfectly lovely."  I think everyone should check it out.  They've got great musings on crafting, entertaining, and decorating.  Very eclectic and vintage style.  Love it.

Little Miss Momma posted about this great website called My Job Chart dot com. I checked it out. And It. Looks. Awesome.  My kids are always looking for ways to add responsibility and earn rewards. We're always looking for ways to teach them financial responsibility. So I think we're going to give this a go!

Speaking of decorating, I need some inspiration, because its time to start the hunt.  My big little girl wants a bedroom re-do.  She's done with the room I decorated around the Land of Nod bedding we got her when she moved into her big girl bed at age 3.

I am thinking it would be a great 8th birthday gift.  Her favorite color is green, but she also loves blue, so I'd do something fun that revolves around one of those.  And I also want something that she won't outgrow. So I am looking for inspiration. Help! Help!


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Doesn't she know that she isn't allowed to outgrow her big girl room? Sniff, sniff!

Maybe look at PB Teen for inspiration? They have funky stuff that might be up your/her alley. Not necessarily to purchase from there, but just to look.

~ Sarah

Karri said...

I KNOW!!! It makes me really sad. I have a cool milk glass lamp I'd somehow like to see the room done around. Which is fine, since her dresser is an antique.
I didn't know PB had teens. Where have I been.