Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Master Bedroom, Part 3

Baby steps.
In previous posts, I've talked about our MBR woes...the size, our limited options, etc.  Well, I got the bedding, and I love it, but I need some decorating advice, please!

First, here's the bedding's real color.

Second...I intend on getting a 3rd layer of pillows to put against the headboard.  If anyone has seen a fabric or a sham in the store that they think would look good, please share!
Third....I purchased a few of these leafy pillows yesterday, simply because they were a good form and on clearance for $3 at Target (woot!). My intention was to make a cover for them.  Does it look horrid w/ the bed?
Note: the trim on the shams and comforter is actually labeled 'espresso', but in my eyes, its black.

Fourth...I think I am ok w/ the furniture being brown. It brings some warmth to the room. And well, it would have to be sprayed to be painted. And frankly, its a PITA to move b/c its clunky and huge.  What I'd love to do is try and sell it on CL since I don't love it, but I want to find some new stuff, first. But anyway....

Finally....walls. Oh the walls. What color???


Lindy said...

I love the pillow just like it is with your new bedding. Very edgy!

heather said...

I like the pillow too! And for the walls...what about a charcoal gray? Or maybe a fresh turquoise (as shown in your gorgeous new banner above)?