Saturday, February 19, 2011

So In Love

You know those times where you can just lay there and stare at them and just revel in their perfectness and your love for them??  This is one of those times.  She and I... we're a team. And I love her so very very much. And I hope that we always have the relationship we do now.  She is content to snuggle with me at any time. She loves sleeping with me. She loves to give me love. When I have a headache, she wants to make me feel better. 
And now she's laying here, asleep, next to me. And I just keep staring at those beautiful long eyelashes and that perfect skin and her sweaty hair, plastered against the side of her face. And the way she clutches her lovey ("Green D"). And my heart aches because I love her So. Darn. Much.
How did we create this little human?


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

So sweet, Karri. And, I must admit, I'm envious. I have that with my little guy, but it seems that having that with him means *not* having it with my girl...and I don't like that. :( I need to work harder because it used to be there with her.

~ Sarah

beckley said...

being a mom---are there, like, words for that?

love them.

MommyMeagan said...

I love this post. so beautiful. so often we feel this- and then they grow up and everything changes. *sigh*