Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am a natural blonde. Natural in the sense that when I was younger, my hair was a gorgeous shade of blonde. 
 {don't be jealous. you know you lurve the prairie style outfit, the orange shag... all of it.  70's man. 70's.}

And then somewhere, around age 18-20, it started turning an ugly dishwater color and I had to chemically enhance it to keep it looking its natural blonde.

I've swayed off course a few times.
I've been a light-auburnish

I've been caramel-y
A deeper shade of brown
and even darker...
And now I am blonde. And I've been blonde for awhile.
{i miss my long hair}

{my friends are fabulous}

I am thinking of going dark again. A bit of a change before my hair grows a tad longer. 
Thoughts?  Opinions?


sheila said...

I'm always amazed that your hair looks completely natural and totally wonderful in any shade. I think this newest shade would look great on you, too!

Trish said...

I agree w/Sheila, that you look good in all of the hair colors, but my fave one is the caremel-y. Good luck deciding!

heather said...

I say go for a change before you have longer hair and it's more of a pain to color! :-)

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

I LOVE Minka Kelly and think that color would look great on you. Another who's going to agree with Sheila. Your hair seems to look so natural in any shade!