Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hit The Road, Jack...

That's right! We're packing our bags and leaving town! 

Oh wait.  That's my imagination taking over again. Drat. 
In real life, it'll look something more like this...
because we're headed to The Windy City....

to once again, take in the sounds and sights of St. Paddy's Day!!!!
shamrock shake.JPG

I mean, who can resist a river so lush and green?
Not these kids!
dad and tots.JPG

Last year, it rained. We hiked it all the way down to the parade route in the cold, freezing rain, commenting on the half-naked, tight as tight can be, green and gold lamé frocks we saw on crazy folk.   Only to turn around and leave because the kids were so cold at that point that they couldn't handle it.
Lesson learned:
1) winter coats (no raincoats)
2) snowpants if necessary
3) hats and warm mittens
4) winter boots (no rainboots)
5) take a taxi there and walk back. no kids should have to walk that far in the cold, only to sit outside in the cold even longer!

We're looking forward to our weekend getaway.  Friday involves some IKEA, Saturday is the parade, and Sunday is the Museum of Science and Industry.  Sometime in there, they're excited to hit American Girl and Lego.  And of course, swimming their little hearts out in the hotel pool.  Mama can't wait to get her mouth on a slice of Pizano's deep dish (heaven!) and the kids and daddy are super excited to try and Italian Beef from Mr. Beef (the winner from Food Wars on the Travel Channel)

Au revoir!


Trish said...

Have fun!!! We should definitely try and take the boys some year, because they would love it! Safe travels and enjoy IKEA!!

heather said...

Have a great time!!!!! Sounds like a perfect getaway!

sheila said...

I hope you had a great time!